Throwback Thursday:

What A First Year In Christ!

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Base for this lead picture was acquired from Google Maps. It shows where I lived on Chestnut Street in Kearny, NJ and the beam of light pinpoints the approximate location I knelt by my bed to make Christ my Savior and Lord. The four pictures are as follows: Pastor and Sister Bricker and family (top left); Kearny Assembly of God (top right); me arriving at Northeast Bible Institute (bottom left); and my parents Peter and Olga Mary Macinta.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 1: Cleared! Clean! And More! After trying to commit suicide the month before, much was on my mind during January 1970. The United States was plagued with social unrest and entangled in Vietnam. The "commies" seemed to be winning and I did not like that. Nor did I like people like Adolf Hitler who was responsible for the torturing and killing of millions of people. Hitler never got what he deserved while he was still living. Personally, as a senior in high school I had no college to go to upon graduation because my grades were horrible.

     This once straight-A student had been arrested around ten-years old for doing something I was horribly ashamed of and felt that I had gravely disappointed my parents, whom I loved. The law saw to it I was punished and controlled, but I punished myself even more and still carried the guilt of it and the many other wrong things I had done into 1970. My hopes of being a scientist were smashed.

     No one knew it but God, but I was no longer Roman Catholic. It would not have helped either because each one of us would go to confession, say and do our penance, receive the eucharist, and return to the same level of sinning – or even worse. I turned to satanism, and then pantheism. However, there are some flaws in pantheism so by January 1970 I was "somewhat a pantheist."

     I wanted God, but raw God. I did not want Jesus because I equated Him with other human religious figures like Muhammad, Buddha, and whoever else. I wanted God but slowly I was realizing that I was not right with God if He did exist. A few months before, my friend Bob Wittik indicated I was on my way to Hell. Billy Graham indicated the same thing. I had started listening to Billy Graham at the suggestion of Bob Wittik. Billy Graham would often have thematic Holy Bible messages based upon current events, and much of it made sense. After he referenced Revelation numerous times I started reading that Book and by January 1970 I had read through four times. I thought if this Book was true I was in grave danger of judgment. It, too, indicated I would go to Hell.

     Hooked on Billy Graham, I again snapped on the radio at 10 PM. It was Sunday, January 25, 1970 as How Great Thou Art, the theme song for The Hour Of Decision, flowed through the radio. I forget what his topic was and I am still looking for the copy of the recording (he might have preached it months or years before, but the station aired that particular one that Sunday night). However, during the course of that message he said something like this:

"Jesus Christ was all God and all man, and that is why only He is the perfect Judge, but that also makes Him the only perfect Savior."

     That made sense, and the Holy Spirit saw to it that it touched a number of points in me. Hitler would be dealt with, as well as all the murderers, thieves, and more that never got caught. And no one could point a finger at God on Judgment Day and tell Him He did not personally know what it meant to be a human (as I thought I could some months back). So, while I had already agreed God ought to judge Hitler and the rest, I would also have to be included! Graham, Wittik, the Word of God all indicated that sin is sin and had to be judged, and I still had my sins. But Graham also said Jesus Christ, while all God, was all man, and that made Him the only perfect Savior. He took our full punishment upon the cross and offers us Eternal Life.

     As usual, Billy Graham closed his message with an invitation for his hearers to come to Christ by faith. He prayed the sinner's prayer, but I did not pray with him. Instead, I snapped the radio off.

     For almost an hour I kept thinking of what he said. And, he insisted Jesus was the only way. Oh, why did it have to be a human figure? Oh, yes, because that would make Jesus the perfect Judge and Savior. And I surely needed a Savior. Over and over again I heard that He would fully forgive, cleanse a person from sin, remove all the guilt, and give a person a new life. They could become born again.

     But I did not want to go back to Christianity as I knew it, loaded with pictures of a spaced-out Jesus, a morbid sacred heart, agony, death here and there, and more. Then, I remembered what that Gospel tract from Transworld Radio indicated – religion is one thing, a relationship with God through Christ was something else. I thought to myself that if I would believe in Jesus it would not be the spaced-out Jesus.

     It was getting late and I had to go to bed, so I went back to my room. I opened my desk drawer and found the "Chicken" tract by Dave Wilkerson. Yep, at the end it had the same thing: the sinner's prayer. I put it back in the drawer.

     I wanted God and needed a Savior. I decided I would commit my life to Christ. The last words I said to myself as an unsaved person were, "Well, it can't kill me," not knowing about Galatians 2:20, lol!

     I felt that I should kneel so I knelt beside my bed, asking God to forgive me and cleanse me. I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart and make me new. I confessed Him as my Savior and Lord.

     As I opened my eyes at 11:25 PM I felt nothing at first. I had heard a number of sermons from Rev. Billy Graham, enough to realize that if one does become a true Christian, they must walk by faith and not by sight. If one becomes born-again, they accept the fact of their salvation by faith regardless of any lack of emotion they might feel.

     However, because of my turbulent years before that point of time, full of despair, sin, and self-hatred, I asked one more thing of God. More on that next time! God willing, I will post that next time! And, there is a lot more to come in the coming weeks! Many of the negative things I had documented in the previous page would be absolutely flipped by God! There would also be a number of challenges and tests during that first year. The real Christian life is NOT boring at all!

     And, if Christ is really not King in your life you can have these same things and more. Please surrender to Him now.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 2: "Cloud Nine!" As stated last time, after praying "The Sinner's Prayer" I did not feel anything at first and I did know that by faith we did not have to. Nonetheless, because of my turbulent years before that point of time, full of despair, sin, and self-hatred, I asked one more thing of God. Essentially I said to Him that I knew that I did not need to feel anything to know that I was saved, but I sure would not mind feeling something.

     Pow!    No, I mean . . .


     An overwhelming sense of peace then hit me! It was very heavy and pleasant. The love of God was very strong. The heavy guilt about my first arrest that I had carried for years was gone, completely gone! There was no guilt over the multitude of other things that had been wrong for me to do! My guiltiness was gone! I felt clean!

     I sensed hope! It did not matter anymore about not going to a college after graduation. I was not overly concerned with what I was supposed to "do for a living."

     The Holy Bible started to "light up." I realized I was connected with God, and I could always go to Him through Christ. If I sinned I could confess it IMMEDIATELY to Him. I did not have to wait for a confessional booth to open. 1 John 1:9 indicated that upon sincere confession to Him I was truly absolved – there was no need for a human priest. Nor did I have to say prayer after prayer for the sin or sins I committed, because nothing that we do can ever make up for transgressing the commandments of God.

     That is part of TRUE Christianity. A few days ago there was post on Facebook by a local "evangelical" minister which gave the impression that one could be a real Christian while at the same time continue to participate in religious rituals and adhere to beliefs that indicate the sacrifice of Christ on the cross was insufficient – that it needs to be done again and again – in that the bread / wafer, called by some as the eucharist, is the actual body and blood of Christ (aka, transubstantiation). However, the Word of God states (Hebrews 9:24-26), "For Christ has not entered the holy places made with hands, which are copies of the true, but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us; 25 not that He should offer Himself often, as the high priest enters the Most Holy Place every year with blood of another --- 26 He then would have had to suffer often since the foundation of the world; but now, once at the end of the ages, He has appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself."

     I also add that the same God and Savior that showered me with true peace on January 25, 1970 was the same God and Savior Who told me to pray only to Him while those around me prayed to Mary when I was in Catholic grade school. Praying ONLY to God is also in the Word of God. Some "evangelicals" need to get back into the Word of God, if some were ever in it. Think now I bring disunity? So be it when it comes to false unity! Some might just want to read Revelation 17. Some ought see what all "good king" Jehoshaphat went through when, out love (but not the love he should have had), he got in league with the house of Ahab. True unity comes with true unity with God through Christ alone.

     In the days that followed I privately worshiped with great emotion the One Whom I once had mocked. The awesome presence of peace was something I needed. It might be said – young person style – that I was in "party mode." However, I knew very well one ought to "party" with others. So, a new question came to my mind: What church should I attend? The answer to that would come . . . (to be posted next week, God willing).

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 3: “What Church Should I Go To?” For more than two and a half weeks it was just Jesus and me. I was on cloud nine and immensely enjoying it. But I knew very well I had to start being with other Christians on a regular basis. I also knew there were real Christians and Christians in name only.

     Returning to the church I was raised in was out of the question. I fully realized if one is born again they ought to only worship the Godhead and not Mary and the rest. Those that really know Christ ought not to trust in Purgatory. They ought to cling to the Holy Bible as the supreme authority -- not a pope.

     I was so glad to see this posted on Facebook last week by Jeffrey Ley: “As a former Roman Catholic I want to thank God for a Christian that shared his faith and through that I actually pick[ed] up a Bible and began to READ IT! If a Roman Catholic actually reads the Bible (Without the RC glasses on) they can no longer be a Roman Catholic.”

     I presented this for two reasons: Everyone needs to be truly saved, truly regenerated by the Holy Spirit, and fully committed to God through Jesus Christ. Secondly, I am still concerned by some ministers that in recent days have given credence to the RCC. No one will really get saved and stay saved if we cause them to think they are fine and do not encourage to examine by the light of God's Word what they believe and how they are living.

     Well, diagonally across the street from Saint Stephen's was a Presbyterian church. I had no idea what they believed and I did not feel that I should go there. There were some Calvanistic churches in Kearny and I knew they felt that once a person got saved they could never be lost again. I did not think that was correct. There were numerous other churches in town, but I was not too sure what they believed. What they believed was important to me, and it ought to be important to everyone.

     I prayed about it, and around this time in February I got something in the mail. Upon opening the envelope there was a card inside. It was an invitation to a party, a Valentines Day party! It was to be held at Kearny Assembly of God on Elm Street. Bob Wittik, who had heavily witnessed to me about Christ, attended Kearny Assembly of God.

     Me? Mr. Nobody at Kearny High School or anywhere else? I got an invitation? I'm going! (And there would be much more than a party ahead!)

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 4: "Three In A Row!" I think it was Friday evening, February 13, 1970 that I told my parents I was heading out for a youth party – at a church on the corner of Quincy and Elm. Being somewhat of a nobody I was surprised when I received the invitation in the mail about the Valentines Day party and decided I was going. ♥ ♥ ♥ I had also been in prayer about what church to attend so this was a first hand opportunity to see what was at Kearny Assembly of God (AOG).

     I cannot recall if I went to the party with the Bob Wittik, the main tool God had used to witnessed to me, but I do remember he was the one to introduce me to Pastor Jerry and Jeanne Bricker at the party.

     Of course I checked him out when I greeted him. Neat, but no religious collar. That was a plus mark in my mind, as was the fact that he was married. I figured that was superior to the way the Catholic Church had it, where priests could not be married. It seemed, though, that something was on his mind that night. Brother Bricker, what was on your mind that night?

     The party was in the church basement. I was in evaluation mode. Some would call that judging, but the Word of God is clear we have to evaluate and develop a judgment based upon the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. I had probably already read 1 John 4:1 and similar passages. Though I sensed in my spirit just one or two were weak in, or lacked, their commitment to God, the Lord told me not to mind that for now. I was to ignore that and concentrate on Him.

     Near the end of the party someone, I think it might have been Wittik, said there was a youth rally at another AOG church the next night. Many of the Kearny AOG youth group would be going and other youth groups in the area would be going. It was called a "CA" rally, CA being short for "Christ Ambassadors." I believe it was from sister Bricker that "other young people" would be going. I never heard that term before. I was a young people! They asked if I wanted to go and I said yes.

     New sights and sounds awaited me at the first Christian youth rally I had ever attended. Scores, if not a hundred or so, of teens packed the church. It sure was different than any other church service I had been in. Not knowing what to expect, I mostly observed the leaders of the service and the other attendees.

     The music was different in that there was a variety ranging from worshipful measure to bouncing joyful meter. Concerning the latter, I was a bit surprised when those around me began to clap on the beats of the chorus of those songs.

     At one point, testimonies were called for. I did not know what a "testimony" was but I soon found out as youth after youth stood up and stated something that God had done for them or in them through Jesus Christ.

     There was one or two "specials in song" where a young person sang a selection that specifically glorified God in some way. Occasionally I heard people say "praise God," "thank you Jesus," "hallelujah," and similar words as the musical selection continued.

     The "hallelujah" raised a concern within since, before that time, I had always associated the term with "religious basket cases." Nonetheless I remained and watched, not knowing I would also be saying "hallelujah" a few weeks after that.

     I also heard people speaking in "other tongues," another thing I questioned until May of that year. I thought it was odd and did not understand what the purpose of it was, but I stayed at the rally.

     Then there was the sermon or message. I heard those in other churches, but in this case some of the hearers would occasionally say, "amen!" Also, the speaker aimed to achieve a specific set of responses from some of those attending.

     And, they certainly did respond. Numerous young people came up to the altar and knelt, stood, or sat praying. They prayed simple, straightforward prayers. Nothing was memorized.

     Then, looking to the side of me I will never forget what I saw. A young man with blonde hair, standing, lifting his hands, and with tears rolling down from his eyes loudly saying, "I love you Jesus!" ♥ ♥ ♥

     "That's it! This is what God really wants from people," I thought to myself. From the congregational singing to the altar calls, the rally impressed upon my mind that our communication with God should be simple, sincere and, often spontaneous. May we endeavor to follow the principle of Psalm 17:1, "Hear the right, O YHVH, attend unto my cry, give ear unto my prayer, that goeth not out of feigned lips." God foundationally desires our unconditional love. I was so impressed with that young man that I wrote a poem about it.

     Today, as a minister of the Gospel I teach new converts that one's relationship with God should be one of love. It is initiated by being born-again, where Christ, the very Word of God, is placed within us upon our confession of sin and commitment to Him. Thus, by the Holy Spirit, John (14:21) writes, "He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him."

     At the end of the rally I was asked, "You want to join us for church tomorrow?" At that point I was somewhat hooked on what was going so I said yes. When I showed up on Sunday, still in evaluation mode, I saw people of all ages were there from very young children to seniors. Unlike how it is today in many churches where certain age groups were focused upon, there was a sense of oneness. No contemporary music was needed. No basketball court. Most of the people there showed the love Christ.

     The pastor was not "stiff shirted," but somewhat "laid back," yet highly reverential toward God. I was a little surprised he did not stay in the pulpit when speaking. He moved around. Sister Bricker added to the service as led by the Holy Spirit.

     I went to three church meetings in a row! And, after that, I kept going to Kearny AOG. However, being an introvert, shy, cautious, and still evaluating things, I told no one, at that point, I had come to Christ. They would soon find out though. And my parents started to sense something new was going on with me. A few tests would come my way from Mom in coming weeks.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 5: "Uh, Is There A Camera Rolling Or Something?" Last time I mentioned that I had told no one I had committed my life to Christ. Only God, the angels, and me knew – well, maybe the devil too. This continued for the remainder of February. However, though I did not say a word, my behavior started to change. I also realized I had a responsibility to witness Christ to my parents.

     If you have read the previous TBT page, the one where I describe how and what I was before I came to Christ, you will recall that my Mom was Roman Catholic and my Dad was Russian Orthodox. I do not recall either of them going to any church on a regular basis. And, we sure did not pray at home. There was a lot of cussing at times, but no prayer.

     But at some point, and now having Jesus Christ within, I knew I had to somehow share Christ in some way. Supper time stayed the same: 5 PM. It was just my parents and I, my sister was married and lived a number of blocks away. So, I do not know what day it was, but I remember sitting down for supper, bowing my head, and silently praying. I had my eyes shut, but I could feel Mom and Dad staring at me. I never did THAT before! It was like they had movie cameras and filming this very odd event!

     There were two other things that were probably inroads into their hearts. One was that as of February 1970 I started going to church, bringing a Holy Bible with me. The other was I am sure they overheard some of the messages I was listening to from Billy Graham – before I came to Christ and after I came to Christ. Yes, I was still listening to that evangelist and even ordered "The Hour Of Decision Magazine." So I guess that was three things, really.

     As I said last time, there would be some challenges from Mom in 1970. A lot would happen that year including what could have been the near-death of Bob Wittik

     Devotional times were spent reading the Holy Bible, writing poems to Jesus, listening to Christian radio. The roster at Kearny High School with the names of students who were going to college or elsewhere, along with the place they were going to, no longer bothered me. I had heard, and had read, that God would direct the steps of those who would trust Him. I was still on "cloud nine." And little did I know what would happen in my private time with Him sometime during the last week of February 1970. And, that will be the main gist of next week's post for the last week of February 2020.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 6: "Called To The Gospel Ministry!" Just over fifty years ago from the time of this post I was just over a month old – in Christ! What a wonderful four weeks! Guilt of my past life was banished, many of my fears were no more, and, indeed, God led me to a church to attend.

     As mentioned last time, the "Who Is Going Where After Graduation" roster no longer bothered me nor was I worried about what I would do upon graduation, which was just under four months away. I did not worry, but I did wonder. I even wrote a poem along that line, "What's Up?"

     I do not know what day or night it was, but I was in my bedroom and, if I recall correctly, marveling at my first month in Christ. It probably was February 25 or 26, since I like to note anniversaries.

     My habit was to rest in bed and just talk to God. No doubt I recounted to Him all the wonderful and interesting things I came across in my first month as well as noting the spiritual and emotional healing in my life. Then, at some point, my thoughts turned to graduation. I thanked God for saving me and all the blessings I had received so far. Considering graduation was close at hand, I asked Him what does He want me to do for my life.

God: "I am calling you to the full-time Gospel ministry."

Me: ! "I accept."

God: "You are commissioned."

     Except for my reply, I heard no voice, but that was what was strongly impressed upon me. It was just like the time years before when we were in the school yard and told to pray the Hail Mary, but I sensed / heard God say to me, "Pray to no one but Me."

     God called me to the ministry! Whoa! Wow!

     But being the "scientific minded" and analytical chap God designed me to be I questioned if I did hear from Him. In later weeks it would be confirmed to me that was the case. In the meantime, I told no one.

     And, to my recollection, by the end of February I still had not told anyone that I had been born again by God. Wittik did not know. Kearny Assembly of God did not know. But, soon, sister Bricker would about fall out of her chair!

     Side note: After February 29 2020 any dates that I can mention will coincide with the precise day of the week fifty years ago.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 7: "Sister Bricker Just About Falls Out Of Her Chair" A sign of spiritual health in a true church is that they are concerned about the salvation of souls. Thankfully, Kearny Assembly of God (AG) was like that. It is a good thing to practice thinking anyone and everyone we meet needs the salvation of Christ until we know otherwise.

     As you recall, I committed my life to Christ in my bedroom at home but did not start going to any church until just over two and a half weeks later. I kept going to church, but never told anyone I had made a commitment to Christ.

     And, as you might remember, Bob and Bill Wittik attended Kearny AG. Both also worked where I did, at Tulley's Shop Rite on Beech Street of Kearny. I also shopped there. I remember there was one time I was going through the check out area and Bill was bagging groceries. He started singing the chorus to Honey In The Rock: "Oh, there's honey in the rock my brother, there's honey in the rock for you. Leave your sins for the blood to cover. There's honey in the rock for you."

     Huh? I had been a Christian only for about a month or more so I never heard that song before. I thought it was weird. How can honey be in a rock? Well, that song is based on Deuteronomy 32:13 and Psalm 81:6, but I was just reading the New Testament at that time.

     I was going to church week after week both Sunday mornings and evenings. Kearny AG called the evening service the "evangelistic service." One of the things that would often occur would be people giving testimonies of salvation, healing, guidance, protection and whatever else they felt God had done in their life. Both brother and sister Bricker would be on the platform for these services. If I remember correctly, sister Bricker would conduct the testimony session.

     However, I started noticing something in some services. There would be times Pastor Bricker would give an altar call for salvation when it seemed to me everyone present was already saved. And, there was at least one message that it seemed he was really preaching strong on salvation and seemed a tad disappointed no one responded.

     Then, it dawned on me. No one knew I had become born again. I never said anything to anyone. So, at the next service sister Bricker was conducting the testimony session. One or two spoke, then I raised my hand. Sister Bricker nodded the okay for me to speak.

     I stood up and said something to the affect that I thanked God for saving me, that I had given my life to Christ on January 25 in my bedroom and had blessed me in a number of ways.

     As soon as I said I had given my life to Christ sister Bricker got wide-eyed and her jaw dropped down! I do not remember if she said it after my testimony or later, but she said, "You got saved right out from underneath our noses!"

     Ah! I surprised her, and others I guess! But Bob Wittik was about to give me a shock a few days later.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 8: "Admonishments From Wittik" Just after my "little shocker" at Kearny AG (see previous post), Bob Wittik switched from witnessing mode to edification mode on his occasional walks with me from high school. Today, more Christians need to make sure they are growing in Christ and then, as directed by the Holy Spirit, be ready and quick to help new ones that come to Christ.

     Most often when someone comes to Christ, even though we think our dedication is complete there are some things a lot of us miss for various reasons – and excuses. It is like when the Israelites entered the Promised Land – many enemies were defeated but some were left to conquer. It is true Christ gained the victory over all sin, but living faith that pleases God requires us to agree to it in action through the grace of God through Christ. We are not saved by good works, but if we are truly saved we will develop good works and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

     One day when we were heading home we started to pass by some people on a porch arguing. To that point, and for a few years after my salvation, at times I would imitate the wrong things that I had seen in people. In this case, some of my teenage friends would jokingly meddle in arguments just for fun. That is what I did in this case. Bob Wittik said that was not a good idea, and quoted Proverbs 26:17 "He that passes by, and meddles with strife belonging not to him, is like one that takes a dog by the ears." Me: "Oh! OK Bob." And since it was Holy Scripture, I meant it.

     That foible of immaturity was nipped in the bud, but there was a character flaw that I still at times wrestle with today. Over the years, the grace of God through Christ has helped me become stronger in Him so, unless you are within earshot of me when I have a weariness that affects my mental acuity and I am perturbed, you would not know.

     If you read the previous series of the weeks before I came to Christ you will see that the Macintas of Chestnut Street did not mind vulgarity, especially when Mom and Dad were at each other. Going to Catholic grade school did not make much of a dent because no one truly knew Christ and a lot of the guys I hung around with would curse, as did much of society. So, believe it or not, when I came Christ I thought cursing was normal.

     Huh? Well, yes. And now, after being in the ministry for around fifty years I have seen a lot of Christians carry on with various sins because they think it is normal. Well, the Word of God shows all of us sin is NOT normal for one birthed by the Spirit in Christ. One thing it is is an indicator of territory we have not agreed to conquer through Christ.

     So, again one beautiful day Wittik and I were walking home from school. I was still in one of those flippant moods. I started to use curse words in my conversation.

Wittik: "Pete! I thought you said you were a Christian!"    Me: "I am, Bob!"

 Wittik: "Then why are you cursing?"    Me: "Everyone else does it."

     That does not "cut it." It does not make it OK. And though I am much stronger in Christ today, my occasional weariness is not an excuse. God calls His children to victory for His glory.

     Anyhow, Wittik immediately gave me a passage to look up. There is more than one, but I think it was Colossians 3:8, "But now you also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth." After reading that home I prayed, "God help me." That is a great thing to pray if we really truly love Christ Who became sin for us.

     Hey! That was fifty years ago. Today, sadly, very sadly, some respond “Do not judge me. Only God can judge me.” That, my friend, is satanically twisting Holy Scripture and ignoring the numerous COMMANDS to judge (analytically, diagnostically, etc, but not condemn), to admonish, to rebuke, to reprove (even with a sense of SHAME as indicated by the Greek in Ephesians 5:11), and whatever else the Word of God says.

     Keep in mind it was Wittik that, before I came to Christ, indicated I was going hell. That is not judging, but loving a sinner unto real life, and life Eternal. And now, as brother in Christ, he was lovingly watching over my spiritual well being.

     If you are a Christian with a spiritual struggle or two or three, keep going to Him for forgiveness but beseech Him to make you stronger and then take action by getting deeper into His Word and closer into His presence by worship. Make no excuses, but press on by His grace to victory.

     If you have not been born again I encourage you to surrender your life to God through Christ. He will change you and help you to grow in Him as you remain in Him.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 9: "Orchard Street Missions": Before I continue I want to add something to the previous post about my "choice language". In writing poems and sonnets about my new life in Christ I have at least one where I used "choice words." I had thought about crossing it out but I have kept it that way to let people know that when most people come to Christ they oftentimes have carnal baggage they are not even aware of until they see the light of God's Word shine upon it. That is no excuse to keep it though!

     Reading back you will see I received the call to the Gospel ministry at the end of February 1970 and I accepted it, and then commissioned by God (No, that does not make me better than anyone else). I knew that answering the call to the ministry would mean training and eventually I would look into it. However, what I did not know was it would bring about a complete reversal of many (if not all) negative conditions I had before I came to Christ.

     I kept quiet about my call to the ministry. I wanted to make sure. Nonetheless, sometime after I gave my testimony at Kearny AG, Pastor or sister Bricker invited me to come along on their trip to Orchard Street Missions in Newark. It was an outreach ministry to children. Hey, I needed training so I went.

     As soon as we entered the mission the "aroma" of human staleness due to lack of hygiene reached my nostrils. I knew this was part of my training and I felt God gave me a very small introduction into certain aspects ministry. By the end of the year I would learn that foreign missionaries encounter far worse situations than that.

     Fifty years ago there were no portable computers like we have today, and the only thing available to project words on a wall were overhead projectors. There were no projectors at Orchard Street Missions so when it came time to sing children's Gospel songs someone had to hold a sign. I was asked to do so for one song at least, so I did. It was something simple, but it was a start.

     I think it is a good practice today to get new converts doing something whenever possible. It is a great way to help shape their character.

     Another thing about fifty years ago, I do not recall churches and fellowships being concerned about about copyright usage, nor did any authors and publishers. On the other hand, authors and publishers have to eat too.

     A week or so after our trip to Orchard Street Missions I would be attending, for the first time, a yearly church observance and experience something I never experienced before!

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 10: "What A Resurrection Day!": It was a bright sunny day Sunday March 29, 1970 as I headed to church. If I recall correctly, I had to walk to Kearny AOG on Elm Street, probably because Dad had the car at work (PSE&G NJ – Harrison).

     It was Resurrection Day (2024 will be the next time it occurs in March), aka "Easter." The term "Easter" does not occur in the ancient texts, but somehow wormed its way into English versions and translations, to the best of my knowledge, in the 1500s. Sadly, the Authorized Version (often referred to as the KJV) seemingly left Acts 12:4 as it was in another version instead of correctly translating "paschal" as "Passover." The AV commission translated paschal everywhere else as Passover. There is no way one can squeeze out Easter from paschal. Methinks it was an oversight on their part.

     This Resurrection Day 1970 was unique to me, because I now had the resurrected Messiah within me. It was probably during that worship service of Kearny AOG that I first heard, and sung "He Lives."

"I serve a risen Savior, He's in the world today. I know that He is living whatever men may say."

     YES! I knew, not just by teaching, not just by doctrine, not by religion, but this was the first Resurrection Day I personally knew Him, knew He dwelt within me (when I received Him into my life), and He was in the world working in various ways.

"I see His hand of mercy, I hear His voice of cheer, and just the time I need Him He's always near."

     Yes! He was very merciful to me! Yes! Being in daily* communication with Him I often did sense His encouragement. Yes! By faith, and now by practice, I knew He is near all the time.

"He lives! He lives! Christ Jesus lives today! He walks with me and He talks with me along the narrow way!"

     Oh so true! Even before a person gets saved, born again, God in His abundant mercy talks to each of us in various ways. I actually felt sad for Joy Behar when sometime back she ripped into the truth that God talks to real Christians. Oh the joy that Joy is missing!

"He lives! He lives! Salvation to impart!"

     Definitely! Seventeen years of sin and transgression wiped way! No guilt about my past! Instant forgiveness and cleansing upon confession to Him (alone) of any sin! No ungodly fear of death! Despite the fact I still had nowhere to go after graduation and was a prime candidate for the draft, no worries about the future! I can go on and on!

"You ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my heart!"

And, I will tell you the same today. I can give even more proof by pointing to prophetic passages in the Holy Bible and then pointing to the UN and Israel**. I can give more proof by pointing to many other people who have come to know personally know Christ and have been miraculously changed to the glory of God by Him.

     What a resurrection day! Sister Cataffi at the piano, most everyone there really worshiping God in loving praise, Pastor Bricker delivering a great message, and, above all, the presence of Christ! And, a just the Sunday before, a friend, Robert Graham, came to the evening evangelistic service and surrendered his life to Christ! I now had another brother in Jesus!

     I remember walking home, Holy Bible in hand, with Ackley's "He Lives" going through my heart and mind. Despite what some in the world would say, I KNOW He lives, because He lives within me.

     If you have not been born again I ask you to consider making Christ King in your life. Confess your sinful state, ask for His forgiveness, and truly surrender your life – every aspect of it – to Him. If you do that please listen to "Seven Roots For Growth In Christ" at . God has also helped me to produce lessons for new Christians at . It is around one third complete.

     * = I now confidently state each and every disciple ought to be in CONSTANT FELLOWSHIP with Him on some level. Always be in "listening mode." Always be very aware He is right with you. Trust His sovereignty.

     ** = Is it not a little odd that of all the nations that have disappeared over a thousand years that only Israel came back on the map, and, at that, three and half years after the UN was established? Now, please check the first few verses of Joel 3.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 11: "Bob Wittik Knew It!" As previously written, around a month after I surrendered my life to God through Christ I felt the call to the fulltime Gospel ministry around February 25, 1970. I told no one. I think I wanted to make sure I did hear from God. Knowing what I know now in regard to the grave responsibility and the definite accountability to God it was probably good that I questioned myself, since I was just "a babe in Christ."

     If I did have the call, I would need training. I was mainly thinking about academic and experiential training. I had little idea that the Lord would include a very hefty dose of spiritual training. And all three aspects of training continue to this day for me.

     Bob Wittik had switched from evangelism mode to edification mode and would occasionally walk home from school with me. So, I ran my thought by him on one of the walks.

"Bob, I think God is calling me into the ministry."

     Without missing a beat, he replied that he knew it. That was a confirmation to me. I think he encouraged me at that point to look into the existing Assemblies Of God (AG) colleges and schools.

     Hmmm. Considering my terrible grades I wondered if an AG college would even accept me. However, he also said "schools." Looking at my first year outline, for some odd reason I did not do anything about applying until after April 1970!

     Perhaps that was in part due to what would happen to Bob Wittik later in April 1970. God willing I will post about it just after the 50th anniversary of its occurrence. In my opinion, brother Bob almost got killed! Nevertheless, something else dawned on me the spring of 1970.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 12: "Blessings And Realizations." Just to let you know, things will "heat up" a little after this post, then heat up some more after next week's post. This post is very much on the "calm" side.

     Becoming born again by God not only makes one a new creation in Him, but ushers in numerous blessings and new realizations. As previously mentioned, an initial realization was the fact I could go to God immediately for forgiveness of sins without going to another person (which is also a blessing).

     Another realization that occurred to me was I had always wanted a brother. I had one sibling, an older sister. I guess when I came along Dad and Mom figured they had better stop! But, now being born again by God through Christ I realized I had millions of brothers – and sisters too! Anyone who was truly born again and remaining in Christ was my true brother and sister in Christ. They did not have to be Assemblies of God (the church I was going to was Assemblies of God), but they did have to be truly united with God being born again through Christ, trusting in Him alone.

     And another realization was that God wants each disciple to reach out to the lost to bring them into the Kingdom. Then, I realized I only had a few months before graduation. I only had a short space of time to be a constant ambassador for Christ at Kearny High School.

     But this a bit of challenge for someone that was somewhat an introvert. However, I realized I had to go against that and try to start "witnessing" – telling others about the great gift of salvation provided for everyone in Christ Jesus. One thing I did was to try to start using "study hall" time for that purpose. I cannot recall how far I got with that.

     In regard to evangelism (witnessing) that had been going on at home right after I came to Christ. While I do not recall saying anything specific about the Way of salvation, my behavior had changed. I was going to a Protestant church more than I ever did a Roman Catholic church. Kearny AG had three services on Sunday, viz., Sunday School, Morning Worship, and the Evening Evangelistic Service. It had a midweek Holy Bible study. The there were the once-a-month sectional youth rallies.

     My cranky attitude was much less cranky. I was no longer gloomy. After Bob Wittik admonished me my filthy language was eliminated in front of others (See a previous post on that point in regard to struggling with that). I was praying at meals. I was happier.

     I am sure that my parents appreciated much of that. However, my Roman Catholic mother might have been concerned that I was not attending Saint Stephens but was going to a Protestant church. Looking back, perhaps Dad, being a Protestant, Russian Orthodox, might have been a little pleased. If he was, he kept that to himself.

     She was also very skeptical of a lot of things, and I am sure my conversion became one of them. At some point in the spring of 1970 a little war ensued in regard to my change. Check in next week for the first wave of resistance.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 13: Something I forgot to mention and, "The Owl Bank War" I will get to that little war between my mom and me in this post, but a few posts back I was so excited about recounting my feelings on my first Resurrection Day as a redeemed child of God that I forgot to mention the Macinta gathering that occurred that weekend.

     If I recall correctly it was at my cousin Sandy's home in Freehold, NJ. Someone had arranged for a photographer to be there so we all gathered in the living room. Unlike previous Macinta gatherings, I was at peace, I had godly self-esteem, and I felt alive in God. I decided that when the picture was snapped I would have something like the following in my mind: "I am born again in Christ! I am truly alive! I am saved!" The picture included in this post has been cropped from the entire family picture taken on that day. I have been using that family picture for genealogical purpose and really did not look at it enlarged. So, looking at the icons and regular size images I thought I had a smug look on my face. When I cropped the current section and enlarged it I saw I was exuding not smugness but joyful life. Indeed, I knew I was completely alive. From your left to right, in that image from left to right are my dad, my uncle Eugene, then me. Unknown to any of us, uncle Eugene would die September of that year.

     Of course, my mom was at the gathering, but elsewhere in the picture. My godfather was also there. He knew nothing of my salvation in Christ and still thought I was Roman Catholic. He would know differently by Thanksgiving 1970.

     Now, about that little war, the first war, with my mom. Dad and mom knew almost everything I had done wrong before I came to Christ. After I came to Christ my behavior began to change. I mentioned I had been praying at meals, attending church, I was less cranky, more respectful, and a number of other things. In the early first half of 1970 Mom was skeptical of my conversion and one of the first indicators of that was The Owl Bank War.

     Considering my future graduation in 1970, for Christmas 1969 someone had given me an owl bank as a gift. The owl wore a mortar board cap on its head and the body of the bank had wise sayings all around it, like "A penny saved is a penny earned," "Half a loaf is better than none." I placed the bank on top of my dresser in my bedroom.

     One day when I came home from school I went up to my room and laid my books on my desk. When I went over to my dresser I noticed the owl bank was turned in such a way so I would see the saying, "A leopard cannot change its spots."

     Mom! I figured Mom had turned that bank that way when she brought up clothes she washed to put into my dresser. As I recall, I was a bit perturbed at that. So I turned it to so it showed the saying, "Let bygones be bygones." A few days later it was back to the leopard's spots. I turned it back to the bygones. I might have prayed for her then, but I do not remember. But this continued for a few weeks until the bank remained in the "Let bygones be bygones" position.

     Perhaps she was being bothered by my conversion to Christ. Whatever was going on, a few more challenges would come up before December 1970. The next one would be about what happened to Bob Wittik, the young man who witnessed about Christ to me. God willing, next week you will read about how he almost was killed.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 14: "Bob Wittik Almost Gets Killed!" It was a cloudy afternoon, Monday, April 20, 1970 in Kearny, NJ. Bob Wittik and I had just left Kearny High School to head home sometime after 3:15 PM. A friend, another young man who had just come to Christ and started attending Kearny Assembly of God (A/G), saw us and offered us a ride. OK. Wittik got in the front seat and I got in the back.

     As we headed north along a Kearny street, the young man notice his car had a miss to it. He said he would like to take it to Belleville Pike (NJ 7) and run it pretty well through the swamp (aka, The Meadow Land). OK. Either Bob Wittik or I had to go to work at Shop Rite later on. I do not recall if we mentioned that or not, but we figured there would be ample time for this little jaunt. I cannot recall if our friend's car had seat belts. If it did, we did not wear them.

     "The Pike," NJ 7 from the top of the ridge of Kearny until you arrive at the swamp is all downhill. We reached Belleville Pike somewhere well below the ridge and turned right onto NJ 7. If you have read last year's TBT accounts you might remember this road heads towards Jersey City. One would go over about two little bridges and you would go past the transmitter sites of WOR, WNEW, WMCA radio stations. However, before all of that one would have to navigate the curvy road along Arlington Cemetery.

     It started to rain a little as the car went east just past Schuyler Avenue. The vehicle picked up speed. I felt impressed by God to “lay down” in back, so I did. The vehicle headed downhill eastbound, and at the notorious curve I sensed it was losing traction. It veered left.


     As I was thrown against the two front seats I heard the windshield shatter – everything in a fraction of a second – then silence. The doors were not jammed so I got out to see how everyone was in front.

     WITTIK!    Wittik was a bloody mess! Apparently, upon impact Bob went through the windshield then bounced back into his seat. Much of his clothing had blood and small pieces of glass were on him. He seemed to have a deep gash in his nose.

"Bob! Are you OK?," I asked.

"Yes Pete. Get an ambulance," he weakly replied.

     Looking around I saw a maintenance building within the cemetery and ran to it. I have marked off in a yellow-green section where I think the building was in the image below, as well as the probable area of impact on NJ 7. The base image is from Google Maps.

     I started to limp a little as I ran toward the building. I thank God there was a man inside and a telephone.

     Absolutely scared I told the man there was a bad car accident and asked him to call for ambulance. He picked up the phone and started calling – and all I could think of was a bloody Bob Wittik with a gash in his nose. I knelt and prayed God would spare him. The man's eyes grew big when he saw me praying. After he hung up I limped-ran back to the accident scene.

     Police and ambulances soon arrived and sprung into action. By this time my left leg was really hurting. So I approached an officer and asked if I could also go to the hospital. He asked if I was in the accident. I said I was and he told me to go sit in his police car. About five minutes later he asked me to get out and sit in another police car. I did. He drove off to somewhere. If I recall correctly it happened one more time. I was asked to go sit in another car. I finally got to West Hudson hospital.

     I was treated at the hospital for leg contusions. They wrapped it up and told me not to walk on it. I had to use a crutch. They said it would bother me for the rest of my life. However, though there was some touchiness at first and then a level of discomfort for a few weeks, apparently God said differently, because after the first few months it has never bothered me!

     Though I was released, the driver was still at the hospital, at least for a short time. According to the newspaper report, the driver of the other vehicle had sustained a head injury but was released the same day. However, Wittik remained in the hospital in serious condition.

     And it just so happened our pastor, brother Jerry Bricker, was slated for Prayer Time on WFME in West Orange, NJ that week. At this time, going through my tapes I could find only two occurrences that I was able to record him praying on the radio for us and others. You may listen to it here. He accidentally said Sunday for Monday at one point about the accident.

     To be continued next week with a few chuckles, but then my mom had a complaint.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 15: "Bob Wittik Released!" : As you will recall, Bob Wittik (front seat passenger), a friend who was the driver, and I (back seat) were involved in a head-on collision on NJ 7 in Kearny. Bob hit the windshield and then went back into his seat. Someone later remarked he could have been killed, especially going back to his seat, by sharp glass or metal. He did sustain a deep gash in his nose and stayed a number of days at West Hudson Hospital, Kearny.

     I do not recall the first time I saw him in the hospital unless it was what I am about to relate. I remember visiting him but there were other young men visiting him too. Bob, being the "soul winner" he was and do doubt still is, made an effort to make friends with the lost. One of those guys brought in a piece of hot ice and … placed it in Bob's urinal! We cracked up as the CO2 vapors flowed out of it. One of us joked and said we should quickly find a nurse and tell them something is wrong with Bob. Bob and the rest of us were laughing so hard that I am sure it probably hurt him to laugh with all of his stitches and more.

     A few days after the accident, while Bob was still in the hospital, a number of us gathered at the driver's home. The driver had been released, probably the same day as the accident and if I recall correctly his arm was broken. My left leg was tender but wrapped up pretty well. Using crutches I made it down to his house which was just a few blocks away.

     Almost the whole "gang" was there. I was sitting in a comforter and had my left leg raised up on a foot rest. One of our friends came in and after chatting a bit with the driver he turns to me and says, "Pete! I heard your foot got hurt. Let me see!." And, immediately he reaches down to check out the heavy and bandage on my leg:


     But it was probably around this time fifty years ago I got a call from someone, probably Bob's parents. "Bob is being released from the hospital. Do you want to go with us to get him?" Yes, indeed!

     Upon leaving the hospital it was suggested we drive to Pastor and Sister Bricker's house on Schuyler Avenue. Upon stopping there, to the best of my knowledge someone got out of the car to let the Brickers know. They were elated when they heard Bob was out. As I recall, Pastor Bricker did not even put his shoes on. They were so happy he was released.

     I was going to continue with some reactions that were not so happy in regard to the car accident itself, but actually, as I recall, that happened a couple of weeks later and I will save that for another post.

     By this time fifty years ago it was over two months since I had been called by God to the ministry. However, to this point fifty years ago I did not take action. It was time to take action. Would I be too late?

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 16 - About Time To Do Something About God's Call : Just over fifty years ago I was looking at the back pages of some editions of the Pentecostal Evangel (PE). The PE was a publication produced by the Assemblies of God (AOG) which, at that time, contained Biblical God-centered articles, reports of God's workings around the world, and testimonies of healings. Before a testimony of healing would be published, there had to be proof that a person had an ailment or some other problem and were actually healed by God. The proof of a problem that had existed had to come from a doctor, hospital or some other indisputable source. The proof of healing had to also come from the same sources, and the entire account had to be affirmed by a minister.

     During the spring months there were often ads on the back page of an edition from an AOG college or Holy Bible school. It had been over two months since I had heard from God that I was to be in the ministry. For some odd reason I did not take action until the first week in May. I imagine that perhaps for the first month I wanted to make sure about the call. Not sure what I was thinking about in the first half of April, but the second half was interrupted with the car accident.

     There were at least six options on the back page of one PE. I forget where most were located, but there were two colleges in Missouri. Missouri was about nine hundred miles away and, besides, my grades were not good. But then I saw there was something in Pennsylvania: Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) in Green Lane. That was fairly close, it might not bother my Mom too much, and it was not a college. So that was it. I would apply to NBI. Unlike nine or so months before when I applied to three colleges and was rejected, I was just going to apply to only one school.

     I was now definitely venturing into some unknowns, but knowing that God knows all. I had some money saved up, but where would the rest come to pay for my education? Since my Mom was somewhat a "strong" Roman Catholic, would she try to stop me from going? Would even Green Lane be too far away that it would bother Mom? How would I get to Green Lane? Would she let Dad take me?

     My concern about my Mom's reaction had been elevated due to something that occurred a few days after Bob Wittik was released from the hospital. Please check back next week for that account.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 17 - Mom's Complaint, And Other Static : The car is going faster! It cannot make the curve! . . .

    The alarm clock said it was time to get out of bed. What a nightmare! The car crash where Bob Wittik almost was killed reoccurred in a horrible dream.

     As I was getting ready for the day I kept thinking about that nightmare and the car crash. Then Mom confronted me about Bob. Was he going to sue the driver of the car we were in or not? Bob's nose had a deep gash in it. What type of a friend was he if he was not going to sue? I am guessing she wanted Bob Wittik to sue the driver so she and dad could sue the driver.

    "He just got out of the hospital, Mom," I said. It had been over a week that Bob had been released from the hospital but I figured he was still recuperating. Suing the driver had never come across my mind, but my parents were not born again yet. I probably did not know what else to say to my mom.

     Behind it I sort of think she wanted to make Wittik look bad to me, so I would stop being his friend, and stop being "religious." Perhaps she was trying to stop me from attending Kearny Assembly of God. Regardless, my conversion to true Christianity was bothering her, and now this encounter would be an upgrade from the owl bank war (see a previous post). I cannot remember what happened the rest of the day, whether she kept hounding me about it or not, but I do remember I was in tears that night and cried as I listened to Nightwatch that aired on WFME.

     Sometime later my sister, who was also Roman Catholic, mentioned the accident and said, "See what happens when you leave the Roman Catholic Church?" I told her Roman Catholics have car accidents too. I think lady who drove the vehicle we collided with was Roman Catholic but I did not say that to my sister.

     My questions about being able to go to Northeast Bible Institute (if accepted by them, NBI) grew into concerns. It was now evident to me Mom did not like my going to a Protestant church. If accepted to NBI I might have use some of the money I had saved to get some type of transportation to go there.

     Christian music and soothing programming from WFME was a blessing during those days, but the main source of blessing was fellowship with God through Christ and feasting on the Holy Bible. I found the Word of God to be loaded with treasures – and a few “shockers.” More next week, God willing.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 18 - I Had To Hang On To The Lawn Chair: At this point in time fifty years back, graduation from high school was less than a month away and the need for me to register for the draft drew near. For those that might know, would my crooked neck (head leans to the right) had disqualified me from serving in the military in the 1970s? That would be interesting to know. Those reading this at that might respond please do not use the email address (if it is still around), but use the one shown for Yahoo!

     Regardless of conditions around the world or right at home, it was always a pleasure since January 1970, and still is, to feast on the Holy Bible. It was an added blessing to get a lawn chair and read it in our backyard when possible. And that is where I was when I just about fell out of the chair when I came across something in it.

     I remembering sitting in the back yard one day and reading 1 Timothy in the King James Version. When I got to chapter four, I found . . .
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
Wow! That sounded a little spooky. There were a lot of cults and strange teachings – and there is even more today.

     Verse 2: Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
There were quite a few people like that, but there are a whole lot more now

     Verse 3: Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
What? WHAT?! If you recall, I was raised Roman Catholic. At that time one could not be a priest if they were married. I knew a little about early Church history and knew that before some of the Church became "The Church," bishops (pastors) and others were permitted to marry. However, a few short centuries later this was not permitted in the established Catholic Church, which 1 Timothy 4:3 seemed to predict.

     And right next to that was "and commanding to abstain from meats." When I was a Roman Catholic we were not allowed to eat meat on any Friday. Two things in that one verse that appeared to point to the church I had left a few years before. Wow!

     I had already heard about the theory that Revelation 17 pointed to Catholic Church and any pope was considered an antichrist if not The Antichrist, but reading the double prediction in 1 Timothy 4 was a real surprise to me. I did not know it at the time, but the Greek word for "meats" could be translated as "foods." However, it would still be a match.

     Also, I would later learn that both statements pointed to teachings that were beginning to surface back then and Paul was prompted by the Holy Spirit to warn Timothy about their increase in the future. However, as it is with much of prophecy, the primary meaning does come to pass, but along with it are its, what I call, "prophetic harmonics." For example, consider The Antichrist. 1 John 2:18 points out there are many antichrists. Similarly, while there is The Beast, there have been and will be many Beasts.

     Regardless, God has stated in His Word what will come to pass, and when someone comes to God through Christ alone, making a true commitment to Him, their spiritual eyes are opened. And, they are opened not just to the prophecies, but they are opened to the blessings God desires His children to have. God willing, more on that next time.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 19 – Checking Out The Pentecostal Experience: By this time fifty years ago I just two or three weeks away from being an attendee of Kearny Assembly of God (AOG) for three months. There were usually about five meetings a week and, if I recall correctly, I attended most of them. What were the five? They were Sunday School, Morning Worship, Youth Meeting around 6 PM Sundays, the Sunday PM evangelistic service, and the Wednesday midweek service. All ages attended there and as far as I knew there was no generation gap in fellowship, including some of the wonderful senior citizens there. We had no need of basketball courts either!

     Oddly, one thing that was new to me was that the pews were not bolted to floor. Sometimes if I held on to the pew in front of me when I got up, the pew moved a little. I was not used to that because all the pews in St. Stephens were bolted to the floor. I was raised by my parents to have a level of concern for safety. After a service one day I said, "Bob, the pews move." To my surprise he got a chuckle out of that, and then I realized he was thinking of the fact that the Assemblies of God was Pentecostal.

     Over the weeks I heard some teaching and preaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit whereby the initial evidence of someone receiving it was supernaturally speaking in another language as directed by the Holy Spirit. Bob Wittik told me he received it when younger and that someone who heard him said he was speaking in high or higher class Italian.

     A number of attendees would speak in tongues in a church assembly (youth rallies too) and usually according to the conditions of Acts 10 or 1 Corinthians 12 to 14. If anything was out of Scriptural order Pastor and sister Bricker would intervene as directed by God.

     As I researched the topic I saw that it was for every true disciple of Christ and that it was still for today. Those that disagree often point to 1 Corinthians 12:10 and say it meant when the Holy Bible fully came to us (which, along that line of thinking, would be by the close of the 1st Century). There is no indication that the experience completely stopped by 100 AD. What diminished the outpouring was sin entering into the Church. Also, if we keep reading, the conditions of the last part of verse 12 have not yet been met: "Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known." And there is much more to show that it is relevant for today. So, I concluded it was something I ought to have and, unknown to me, I would be needing the added spiritual strength for what awaited me that summer, and beyond, and even to the present. If you would like more Holy Bible information on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, please see .

     Back at home, it was about this time fifty years ago I received a letter from Northeast Bible Institute (NBI). It was probably about my application to the school. Upon opening it, I saw they were still waiting for two people I placed on the application as references. They had not yet responded. So I asked Pastor Bricker to look into the matter.

     Also, Mom wanted me to do something I did not want to do. God willing you will hear about that next week.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 20 – OK! OK Already Mom!: High School Graduation was just a few weeks away and with most high school graduations there are proms. However, I had no intention of going. I did not like to dance and the only dance it seems that could dance was "The Twist." Due to having some Polish ethnicity in me, I knew very well about polkas, but I did not try those lest I ran into a wall and injure myself, lol! So, no prom for me. But, Mom . . .

     But Mom thought otherwise."Pete, why don't you take Gail Anderson to the prom?"

     "Mom, I don't want to go."

     Gail lived across the street and the Andersons were good friends. Her brother Howie and I would play together over the years. Gail was a fine young lady. Still, no prom for me.

     But Mom kept at it and at it and at it. I think my last effort against it was to say I needed to save my money for Holy Bible institute. And, I think Mom said they would take care of the costs. I finally said alright.

     When I told Bob Wittik he said I should have said no and I would be sorry if I would go. I did not understand that at first, but then I was not even a half year old in Christ and there was a lot to learn. To me, not much could go wrong and it was a pleasure to Gail to the prom.

     The evening soon arrived and Dad was letting me use his car to go to the prom, and Mom had bought a new purse for Gail to take to the prom. I do not remember where it was at, but off to the prom we went. And I soon found out why Bob raised his concerns.

     Some of the music we danced to seemed OK, but then there were a couple of songs where, as a born again Christian, I had to wonder about the lyrics. Then, a few guys, just a few not a lot, weren't keeping their hands where they belonged while dancing.

     At some point, if I recall correctly, we had some type of a dinner. If I recall correctly for dessert there were scoops of from various melons that had been saturated with syrup and those were yummers.

     The dinner was going fine but then some at our table seemed to be getting tipsy. A few began to take a pinch of the colored sugar crystals at our table and started to toss them at each other. Soon, I saw a bottle of some type of alcohol being passed toward us.

     I refused. This was embarrassing. Some of these students knew I was slated to go to Holy Bible institute. What might they think or even say? (See passages like Titus 1:6-9.)

     As far as I was concerned Gail and I would return home the same way we left – sober! And, we did, lol!

     The prom occurred on Thursday, June 11, 1970, but I wanted to write about it now because next week, God willing, I will be writing about a DOUBLE BLESSING that occurred that weekend fifty years ago!

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 21 – What A Double Blessing!: Saturday June 13, 1970 I checked the mail: a letter from Northeast Bible Institute (NBI), Green Lane, PA! Was I accepted? Or, was there another delay? Or, worse yet, was I rejected, like I was over a half year before by three local colleges? I could not open it downstairs – just in case it was bad news. So I darted upstairs to my room. I had to open it in private.

     Upon opening it I read, "It gives us pleasure to inform you that your application for admission to Northeast Bible Institute has been approved, pending receipt of an acceptable medical report, forms for which are enclosed." Here is the entire letter.

     Overwhelmed with joy I knelt down and praised God over and over again: "Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. Praise God! Something not in English!" What? What did I say? All of a sudden I said something that was not in English. Did I just speak in tongues? Huh?

     Anyhow, what a blessing! Before I came to Christ I sent out three applications to colleges and all three were rejected. I sent only one out in May and just over a month I was accepted! Wow!

     Though very happy, I remember being a bit angry over the fact the letter took five days to get to me. Well, enough of that. I needed to rejoice.

     And the next day, Sunday, I had plenty of opportunity to rejoice, especially in the evening service. Most likely I stood up that night and thanked God I was accepted at NBI. Brother Bricker delivered the message for that evening, and many of us went up to the altar to pray and worship.

     And, wow, I was still overjoyed and was rejoicing and praising God. Some probably laid hands on me as they prayed for me and as I kept praising God all of a sudden I switched from English to something else. And, it was not only one word, but numerous words! I had received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as described in Acts!

     Wow! Two blessings in one weekend! And surprise awaited me at Kearny High School.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 22 – The Big Week: It seems to me that classes for Kearny High School seniors ended by at least early June, or by that time attendance requirements were relaxed if you had not missed any or many days. Nonetheless, I had went to the school during instructional hours at least once a few days before graduation on June 19. As I headed down its main hall, I glanced at the roster of names that were going to on to another school or college after graduation.

     My name was on it, showing I was going to go to Northeast Bible Institute! I sort of did not expect that because I assumed the list was about people going to colleges. Wow, so many blessings had occurred to me since I surrendered my life to Christ in January 1970! I had thought my name would never be there, but by God's grace it was.

     Also, I think it was also during that week there was the awards ceremony. I actually got one, and I think it was called a "Service K Award." It was either for my being in a club to help new students acclimate to the school, or the two years I was Mr. Nasello's biology lab assistant or both. I forget when it happened, but either it was the end of my junior year or sometime during my senior year that I was summoned to the dean's office. The dean said usually when someone was sent to his office it was for something they had done wrong. In this case, however, Mr. Nasello nominated me for a commendation from the Dean's Office.

     I say this to show the goodness of God. No one (except for God) back then ever knew how low I got. Going from straight A's to almost failing with the result of losing the future I wanted, load with guilt and shame for being arrested (twice), and other factors had edged me to the point of suicide in December 1969. See as how I got to that point.

     And now, this time fifty years ago I was alive and, in fact, doubly alive thanks to the grace of God through Christ. On June 19 I received my diploma. I graduated in the lower half of my class, but by God's grace I graduated.

     My parents gave me a watch for graduation. It was a pretty nice watch, but in a few weeks I would not have it. Stay tuned. Summer usually has thunderstorms, and there were some thunderstorms brewing in the spiritual realm for me before I would leave for Northeast Bible Institute.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 23 – First Spiritual Thunderstorm Of Summer – Summer Job, But Not For Long: If you read back, you will see I was accepted as a student for Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) with classes starting at the end of summer 1970. I needed to earn more money for my education. I had no guarantee about my parents paying for it.

     I believe I was part time at the time at Shop Rite on Beech Street, but I could use more money. Searching the paper I found something I could do: overnight cleaning at Hudson Lamp on Elm Street. It was just a few blocks away. I applied and got the job. I forget what time my work started, whether I had to be there by 5 PM or later. It seems to me would be back home around midnight.

     I walked with glee the few blocks to Hudson Lamp on the first night, did my work, and came home. I do not recall if it was the second night, or the third night – if there was a third night – but Mom was waiting for me – crying.

"I want you to quit working at Hudson Lamp."

     I cannot remember specifically why she wanted me to quit. It seemed to me she was concerned about me being out at night. Remember, my parents only had two children, and I am the baby boy. Mom was always protective of me.

"But Mom, I need to earn money for school." She insisted I quit.

     I thought maybe Mom was going through a cycle. There were times she would hit a low in depression but then snap out of it. So, instead of quitting I tried talking to my supervisor, asking him if I could take a week off so Mom could settle down. No. He laid me off. To me that was not good for my record.

     Was this the devil's way to prevent me from going to NBI? And again I had to wonder if Mom even try to stop me from going.

     Even more important was that something had to be done in regard to Mom's loving, but hampering, protection of me. I had no idea of what specific area of ministry I would be in, though I leaned toward being an evangelist. Whatever area it would be I am sure I would encounter some type of danger and, at that, just for being a born again Christian. I knew very well a lot of bad things could happen, even physical death, and Jesus Himself pointed that out in the Word of God.

     It seems to me I found another side job, but I do not recall if that is when I started working for the Hudson County Board of Education as part of a grounds keeping team. Nevertheless, this little thunderstorm with Mom probably helped to prepare me for the big spiritual thunderstorm that would come in August.

     In the meantime the Lord saw to it to get me into evangelism work with fellow believers. Although in many denominations and fellowships there are people labeled as minsters, preachers, etc., every born again Christian is to be a minister at some level.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 24 – Working With Teams For Jesus: Whenever I think about my first year in Christ I am always very grateful to God that He directed me to attend Kearny Assembly of God on Elm Street. Early on in my new walk in Christ there was plenty of godly direction from Pastor and Sister Bricker and many of those that attended the church. There was an effort to get new converts into serving the Lord, as I noted a few months back when I was asked to go to the Orchard Street mission in Newark, NJ.

     Telling other people about the good news of the salvation that Christ offers to all (aka, witnessing) was strongly encouraged. And, for introverts like me, there was plenty of help because one aspect of face to face witnessing includes doing it with at least one other person. Usually one Christian remains silent in prayer unless prompted by the Holy Spirit.

     I cannot remember how I was introduced to it, and might have been at one of the church's youth meetings, but I was invited to go to the Kearny Town Hall Park between Chestnut Street and Kearny Avenue to "hangout" there in order to witness (see the image attached to this post).

     Fifty years ago there was much less chance of getting someone angry than there is now. If I recall correctly, back then the Kearny Police Depart was in the same building as the Town Hall which was just north of the park, so the park was sort of a safe place – at that time – to witness.

     A few good occurrences did take place although I cannot remember anyone coming to the Lord there. I might not remember because maybe some did but never followed through and did not remain walking in the Way.

     While that was "safe," no Christian should depend upon "safe" or expect it all the time. All real Christians should expect danger. If you read back to the previous TBT series you will see I had a tendency to be nervous. I felt that had to be dealt with. And, lo and behold, God saw to it my early witnessing efforts were not just confined to Kearny, which is probably why an older sister in the church asked me to go with her somewhere. God willing I will cover that in the next post.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 25 – Venturing Into Newark: As you might recall, just under two months after coming to Christ I was asked, probably by the Brickers, to join them and other Kearny Assembly of God members in their visits to a children's mission outreach at Orchard Street in Newark. Being off the streets and inside a building was a pretty safe situation for ministering in Newark. But sometime either at the end of June or in the first half of July, Elaine, a slightly older sister in church, asked me to join her in her outreach to children in Newark and I agreed.

     If I recall correctly, we took a bus, and I think we usually went to Sayre Street, getting there around 7PM. Elaine would do a “chalk talk” for children. Using colored chalk she would draw on a blackboard as she presented something from the Holy Bible. My job was to help the children to behave. They usually did. It is the “bigger” people we usually have to watch out for. Not many were around for the first few weeks. But a whopper of a spiritual thunderstorm would come our way in a matter of weeks. The streets of Newark were not very safe. Stay tuned.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 26 – Early Ministerial Training: Reading back you can easily see there was always something going on at Kearny Assembly of God: four services on Sunday (Sunday School, AM Worship, Christ Ambassadors youth meeting, and 7 PM evangelistic service), Wednesday Night Holy Bible study, and a youth rally once a month somewhere in northeast New Jersey. Adding to that there were the outreach ministries which included street witnessing and Orchard Street missions. As mentioned last week, I agreed to help sister Elaine with her outreach to the children at Sayre Street in Newark.

     That should be enough, right? Nah. Any godly pastor would be very pleased to hear a new convert was called to the Gospel ministry, and such was the case with Pastor Bricker. I really think it was the awesome hand of God that He led me to Kearny Assembly of God, and to be under Pastor Bricker's ministry from the start.

     So, you have a young convert that feels the call of God to the ministry. What do you do? Invite him along in some of your ministerial duties, one of which was hospital visitation. Visiting the sick and disabled is part of ministering, especially if you are a pastor.

     I forget when I was first asked, but I do remember being excited that I, a young person who had pretty well messed up eight or ten years of his life before coming to Christ and a near academic failure, was asked by brother Bricker to along with him to visit some people at West Hudson Hospital.

     I forget who and how many we saw. I think I was pretty well concerned about leaning how to behave as a minister in a hospital. Conversation and prayer with a patient, as well as reading Holy Scripture, were elements of a visit. If there was any possibility that a person was not ready to me the Lord then, of course, as led by the Holy Spirit we would encourage them to come to the Lord.

     I think I had opportunity to only go once or twice, but I do remember that as we were leaving one time I glanced into another room. The eye of an elderly lady sitting up in bed caught my eye as we passed by. That was sort of haunting. I had to wonder if we were supposed go pray for her. But, being a more timid person at that time, I said nothing and we left the hospital.

     Was that enough to do? Nah. More next week, God willing.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 27 – More Help From Pastor Bricker:

     Everyone has purpose in life, but when a person truly dedicates to God through Christ they even find more purpose – if they are open to it. In addition to what many of us young people, and others, of Kearny Assembly of God were doing in Lord there seemed to be always more opportunity. One time I remember was that some of us, at the request of Pastor Bricker, went over to his parsonage stamp and sort Gospel tracts.

     Also, sometime before I went off to Holy Bible institute Pastor Bricker gave me a little more training in addition to hospital visitation. One thing he showed me was about writing an outline for a textual sermon (message). The outline of it is based upon certain words, phrases, or clauses within a relatively short portion of Holy Scripture. I was already marking and writing in my Holy Bible, but when he showed to me the basis of a textual message I really had a grand time finding sections and verses tended to present a possibility for a textual message.

     The image in this post is from a Holy Bible I used around fifty years ago. As you see, I found several possibilities from chapters 2 and 3 of 1 Thessalonians, viz., 2, lots of 3, 4, and 5 point messages. In back of the same Holy Bible is a brief list of major events that occurred my first year in Christ – and really major one will be noted a couple of weeks from now, God willing.

     One more thing I remember Pastor Bricker taught me was – how to tie a tie with a Windsor Knot! Up to that point I would tie a tie with just one loop. He saw that and said, "Let me deliver you from that!" LOL!

     The Brickers were always supportive of the young people in the church. Our youth group had its own newsletter. I think it was called "The Ambassador." I have at least one copy somewhere. I cannot remember if I suggested a newsletter be started or not and I think I had helped to put it together. I did like journalism in high school.

     There were a few senior citizens in the congregation and I do not think there was any barrier between them and the young people. There does not have to be if Christ is the center of the congregation. I think over the years many churches, fellowships, and denominations have gotten their eyes off of Christ and have fixed them on age gaps and distinction of groups and have created problems.

     Anyhow, at some point a senior couple from Lyndhurst invited me to . . .

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 28 – Pleasant Times Before Big Trouble: This might have occurred in a later year but I will post it now. When we are in Christ, there is no need for an age gap amongst members of the true Body of Christ. Kearny Assembly of God (AG) had a good mix of ages and most got along with each other pretty well. Usually sitting close to the front, when they could make it, were the Walters, an elderly or near elderly brother and sister in Christ, who had no problem worshiping and responding to the Holy Spirit. If you were in Lord you could sense that this couple was spiritually solid.

     My mindset toward such believers at that time was, "Wow! I hope I spiritually grow too and be found spiritually mature and firm when older – if God permits me to live that long." So it was with delight to say "yes" to join them for a Sunday dinner.

     As July rolled into August other opportunities arose as I neared the day I was supposed show up at Northeast Bible Institute. It was announced in church that new members would be received sometime in September. Some people reading that might not understand. Though each true Christian is part of the true universal Church, many fellowships desire an attendee to agree to a statement of faith and certain rules before granting membership status where one could vote, become a teacher, deacon, and more. Having read Kearny AG's statement of faith and rules I applied for membership.

     Around the same time one more offer was made: new converts were invited to be baptized in water on the first Sunday in September. Kearny AG did not have a baptismal tank and since the waters of the Passaic River might eat our flesh away (just joking) Kearny AG would join other churches that had baptismal candidates at a church in Newark.

     Of course I jumped at that opportunity too. Although no one can be saved by good works, if we are in Christ we will do His works out of love for Him. I do not understand why some Christians in the United States put off publicly identifying with Christ in this manner.

     I had been baptized as an infant. My mother meant well and in her religious thinking that act would get me to by-pass limbo and permit me to make a stop in purgatory if need be before I was able to get to heaven if I were to die young. However, when someone is baptized as an infant they are baptized as an unregenerated sinner and remain condemned to hell. Each us must decide to turn away from sin, self, and the world and fully turn to Christ in order to be saved. And then we ought to follow Christ in His works, including, and especially, water baptism.

     Well, church membership in a Protestant and water baptism would probably not be pleasant thoughts to some of my Catholic relatives. Nonetheless, it had to be and hopefully it would indicate to them the frailty of religion and the immense need to make peace with God through Jesus Christ.

     Mama would not like that path. But things would happen in early August that Mom definitely would not like. Come back next week to read about a very dangerous encounter I had in August 1970.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 29 – MUGGED!: Throughout the summer of 1970 Elaine and I continued to do a children's evangelistic outreach on Sayre Street in Newark, an area with mostly African-American residents. I figured that would help to squash any latent ethnic prejudice in me. Just over fifty years ago from the date of this post, as usual, we took a bus and headed to the ministry site.

     I always had my wallet with me, thinking that in those days I needed to keep identification and information on me. So, inside my wallet was my draft card and the acceptance letter to Northeast Bible Institute (NBI), as well as six dollars. I also wore my graduation watch to know when we would have to catch the bus ride back to Kearny.

     As usual, a number of children gathered to enjoy sister Elaine's Holy Bible talk chalk. If I recall correctly, we always invited the children to receive Christ as their Savior. There would be no invitation that evening.

     Just below this paragraph is a picture of Sayre Street derived from Google Maps in 2020. The property on your left has been developed and an Autozone store is now located at the corner of Springfield Avenue and Sayre Street. Fifty years ago from 2020 there was no gentle embankment. Houses, and if I recall correctly they were row houses, lined much of that side of the street except for the fact there was a vacant lot just about across where we would be ministering, near perhaps the first or second post of the metal fence on a wall you see to your right is where we would stand that evening. In this image you are looking toward Springfield Avenue in the background.

     And there we stood with over a dozen boys and girls. I was holding one of them mainly in my left arm while sister Elaine, to my right, spoke and drew great illustrations with colored chalk. My graduation watch was on my left wrist.

     As I glanced toward Springfield Avenue I saw four African-American guys starting to walk in our direction. Sure enough, they walked right pass in front of us, with at least one taking special notice of my watch. "We are about to be mugged" I thought, but they went on down the street.

     In less than ten minutes they came back: one coming down Sayre from Springfield, one coming up Sayre from the other direction, and two through the lot from across the street. The children scattered. Now I knew we were about to be mugged!

     One confronted Elaine and the other three confronted me. My back was against the wall and fence. One took off my glasses while another held something sharp near my stomach. I think it was a piece of broken glass. They took my watch and got my wallet, dumping the contents on the ground. "Let me keep my papers please," I said. They agreed. I was quite worried about not having that draft card on me as well as my acceptance letter to NBI. Of course, they scooped up the six dollars and the guy at Elaine got whatever she had in her pocket book. Then they left. If I recall correctly I was relatively calm during the event (and I will give God the credit for that), but was very nervous after they left.

     We somehow called the police, and I forget what happened after that and how we got home. I got home and told my parents. At some point I indicated Elaine and I wanted to go back the next week.

     "You're not going back!," Mom sternly said. "I have to go back," I replied. Mom insisted I would not go back and was crying. I felt like I had to go back for a number of reasons. One reason was because I felt that if I shrunk back in fear from this ministry event I would be more inclined to do so with other occasions. Again, I was pitted against my mother and I felt like I must not back down. To be continued next week, God willing.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 30 – Pastor Bricker Intervenes: In my previous post I wrote about Elaine and I getting mugged on Sayre Street in Newark while ministering to the children of that area. About a day or so later we were asked to go to the Newark Police to look at some mugshots. Despite that, the police never discovered who the guys were.

     During this time I had to think of my Roman Catholic sister. If you recall, when I was involved in a car accident in April she said to me "See what happens when you leave the Catholic Church?" I hoped she would remember my reply that even Catholics have car accidents and apply it to my being mugged, realizing that Catholics get mugged too.

     It was probably while we were at church that Elaine and I talked things over and decided we would return to Sayre Street. We felt like we had the duty to return. Personally I probably felt I needed more practice in regard to dangerous situations and squash any racial prejudice that might have rising up within me.

     Understandably Mom, who was not a born again Christian at the time, was strongly against me going back and insisted that I do not go back. However, on my part, a number of things were going through my mind.
  1. I might easily cave-in to fear in future outreaches if I did not return to Sayre Street.
  2. I needed to get into the habit of obeying God. Now, on this, someone might counter and say I should obey my parents. However, Jesus said in Luke 14:26, "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brothers, and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple." "Hate" here, as it is in other cases, must be understood in relation to other Holy Scriptures. For example, Christ always did the will of God despite any influence from His family to do otherwise (Matthew 12:46-50), but He still showed love to His mother by making provision for her just before He died on the cross (John 9:26-27).
  3. A signal had to be sent to Mom in regard to item #2, otherwise she might be prone to interfere in later years when I might be pastoring or even serving as a missionary.
  4. A signal had to be sent to the residents of Sayre Street that the Body of Christ loves them more than any fear that man can muster.

     I strongly felt I had to go back, so I called Pastor Bricker and explained the situation. I forgot what all was said when he came over, but I do remember him saying to my mother, "Mrs. Macinta, let him go back, and I promise you that I will pick him and Elaine up before sundown." I do not recall Mom replying, but I do remember the blank look in her face and a sense of resignation. I thanked brother Bricker as he left. Again, he was teaching me what a pastor ought to do as led by the Holy Spirit.

     Sadly, when we went back to Sayre Street there seemed to less children. Pastor Bricker did pick us up before sunset.

     In my next post, after I mention a couple of things we will go to a much lighter side. Hopefully you will find it to be a hoot and a half!

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 31 – Prep And Party: By this time fifty years ago in my spare time I was getting things ready to go to Northeast Bible Institute (NBI). Mom was at it too, because the school had a laundry service and if a student was going to use it then all articles of clothing had to be tagged. Because of her labor of love, to this day I have a few items, including handkerchiefs, that Mom had tagged. I forget when she started doing that, but I do remember a sense of a level of relief, realizing she accepted the fact I was heading to a school around a hundred miles (161km) away – and a Protestant one at that!

     But in the midst of everything a surprise going away party was cooked up by Kearny Assembly of God. During the party they had a special edition of the youth group newsletter, The Ambassador printed up. Some months back I scanned the sheet and broke it up into parts for easier reading (and posting on a web page).

     Remember, this was done by mimeograph in 1970. For the younger group that might not know, this was a far cry, a very far cry, from the ease of personal or organizational publishing today by computers and peripheral equipment. We had special sheets call stencils, typewriters, a stylus, plastic guides and aids for lettering and artwork, and correction fluid which was something near the consistency of nail polish. Once you created what you wanted to create on the stencil paper you placed it on a mimeograph machine (either hand crank or electrical) and started printing. You had to cover the drum of the machine when not in use otherwise the any ink on the surface of the drum would harden and then you had a real problem. We had to fill the drum with ink now and then. Thank God for the equipment we have today!

     I remember quite a number of things listed in the image with FLASH!--GOOD NEW FOR KEARNY!!! While I do not recall promoting myself to speak at CA's (Christ Ambassadors youth meeting), I sure do remember cruising the streets of Kearny in my Dad's Dodge Dart with my fingers ready on the horn! If you do not watch out, learning how to drive in New Jersey might just do that to you! I can recall pestering only person on the phone and that was Bob Wittik. I had numerous questions in the first few months of my walk in Christ. The most baffling one is being baptized at Stokes. I cannot remember what Stokes was. Perhaps it was a restaurant, or perhaps a location where we did car washes. Maybe someone did give me a good dousing during a car wash.

     In the image that has Confidential Last Thoughts About Pete, as you see I was probably not too good at bowling. And, honestly folks, I cannot recall what Sharyn and Susan are referring to. About the pickets, I think it was pretty early in the year some started to be missing and in a joking manner I was the prime suspect (I hope it was in joking manner!). Bob W is Bob Wittik. I do remember going to Cindy's house during dinner wearing Bermuda shorts but I do not remember why I went.

     The title of one column, Come in and find peace Pete cracked me up when I read it. There you see sister Bricker's reaction when I stood up in a church service and said I had received Christ, along with Pastor Bricker's kind remarks.

     The final column is an additional hoot! The whole special edition of The Ambassador was a pretty good piece of work. I think the artwork was pretty good. Whoever worked on that special edition did a real good job.

     As you see, I would return for a few days during Labor Day weekend. During that time I would take a couple of more public steps in my walk in Christ that a number of my Catholic relatives would not like.

     Indeed, I consider myself to be highly blessed that after I surrendered to Christ that God led me to such a wonderful pastor and his wife, as well as wonderful group of brothers and sisters in Christ!

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 32 – Northeast Bible Institute!: Aside from surrendering to Christ, one of the best decisions I have ever made was to attend Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) in Green Lane, Pennsylvania and the day finally arrived that I would first step foot on campus. After loading the car, Dad and I left Kearny, New Jersey around 1 PM Sunday August 30, 1970. I am pretty sure Mom was not along. She hate being on the road mainly because of the trucks. Of course in the past we traveled to various location in North New Jersey and parts of New York City, but I am sure she would not care for over two hours on the road.

     Interstate 78 might not have been fully completed by that time so we might have used a combination of it and U.S.22. I recall that passing through Easton PA was a bit narrow, and I was pleasantly surprised to see signs for Nazareth and then Bethlehem. But the thrill was turning south on PA 29 near Allentown, which headed toward Green Lane.

     The thrill turned into delight once the NBI sign came into view. Less than a year before that day I had nowhere to go after graduation and my Dad's car, the Dodge Dart, would have been the way to suicide. But because Christ can and will make all things new if we truly surrender to Him, I was doubly alive with purpose and blessed with a place to receive foundational training. We stopped near the entrance and Dad took my picture.

     That was one of two entrances. The other was the lane, which I would soon learn was often walked along by NBI couples in courting mode. The main entrance road and “the lane” road ran parallel to each until both sloped downward, curved, and converged not far from the administration building. We parked nearby and went in so I could register.

     I had selected the least costly living arrangement which was a shared room in the Lower Dorm which was situated over the kitchen / cafeteria. I made a down payment of at least $350.00 that day which would cover my stay at the Lower Dorm with meals for one semester. I was assigned the campus mail box of #35.

     The $350 was my money, and I had some more saved up for whatever the balance of my first semester would be. I never asked my parents to pay for anything, nor did they give any indication that they would. Nor were my parents born again at that time. Nonetheless, I was good for at least one semester.

     After we brought my stuff from the car into my dorm room my Dad left, but he would return that coming weekend so I could be home over Labor Day weekend. Two big things were planned for that weekend which, God willing, I will cover in my next post.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 33 – More Than Two Big Things: By this time (September 3) fifty years ago I was still exploring my new location, Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) of Green Lane PA. One of these days I hope to find a map or picture I could post of the campus. The dormitory where I would be staying for the next four years was somewhat centrally located, very near to the administration building and the main classrooms, most of which were located near the local reservoir.

     The main thing I recall about the first week was the orientation session for beginning with prayer followed by the President of NBI, brother Paul Emery. To this day I can still hear his heartfelt Welcome to Northeast Bible Institute! If you are reading this at Neocities, his picture appears to the right.

     Labor Day weekend break started at the end of that week, and Dad came to bring me back to Kearny for the next three days, and on that Sunday two big things would happen to me. However, God had a third big thing going on elsewhere.

     That Sunday I was received as a member of Kearny Assembly Of God (AOG). Weeks before that I had filled out a membership application which was approved. For those that do not know, this is NOT how you get to heaven. Becoming a member of a local church is something you might want to do after you surrender your life to Christ.

     Something every new disciple in Christ OUGHT to do as soon as possible after receiving Christ is to be baptized in water. Again, we are not saved by water baptism, but if we are saved we will be water baptized after we come to Christ. As you recall, my Roman Catholic mother saw to it I was baptized as a baby in the Roman Catholic church, but the Word of God is clear that no babies were baptized by the true Church. People first surrendered their life to Christ and THEN they were baptized in water.

     I think it was in the afternoon after the morning service of Kearny AOG that I and other baptismal candidates went to a church in Newark that had a baptismal tank and were baptized. That was the second big thing for me that day.

     But there was a third big thing I had no idea about. God had done a work in a young lady's heart who was raised Amish-Mennonite, came to Christ, came into the Pentecostal experience, and – over 402km / 250 miles – was also baptized by immersion the same day I was. Being saved while Amish-Mennonite she was baptized by being sprinkled with water. However as she grew in the Lord she felt she ought to be baptized by immersion. This young lady would eventually become my wife. It is very interesting we were both baptized by immersion on the same day.

     Anyhow, back in New Jersey my mother was fully aware I had become a member of a Protestant church and I was also baptized in water. No matter what she thought or felt I am sure God used that day to send some type of a signal to my mother. And, before September would end, something would happen to my Dad that probably made him think of his need of salvation.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 34 – Intro To Northeast Bible Institute: Last week I posted the amazing coincidence that fifty years ago my future wife, Dorcas Yoder, was baptized by immersion the same day I was, Sunday August 30, 1970. After I posting last week, I found pictures of her being baptized by immersion and have included one with this post to the right. But for this time fifty years ago I was settling into the Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) schedule and learning about its rules.

     Classes started 7:30 AM. Not all students had a class at that time. Three-credit courses were on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with two-credit courses on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I forget what time breakfast was but it was over an hour and think the cafeteria doors were open by at least 7 AM. There were also Mission prayer bands that started at 7 and I think they were once a week, but those were optional and God willing I will describe them more at later date.

     Classes were an hour long with five minutes in between each session. After the first class there was Chapel from 8:35 AM to 9:25 AM – unless there was a move of the Holy Spirit upon the attendees of Chapel in which case the next class was shortened or eliminated. And I can recall at least one occasion when the entire remainder of the morning schedule was eliminated. It is wonderful when we let the Holy Spirit move in loving ways and waves. Attendance at Chapel was required, and I believe required not just for students, but for everyone – faculty, staff, and administration. Students were allowed to miss up to 10 services per semester.

     Dinner time ran from 12 PM to 1 PM spanning a portion of two class sessions. Supper time was at 5 PM if I recall correctly. Between 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM there was Quiet Time. Each student had to be in their room and I think the chapel was allowed. I am not sure about the library. Regardless, everyone had to be quiet for a half hour. This allowed for a time of quietness for those that wanted to pray, have devotions, and so on when everything was quiet. This is how it was Monday through Friday for all semesters.

     Unless you had homework from heaven (I will explain at a later date) your schedule was pretty much up to you for Saturdays and Sundays. However, you had to go to church at least once on Sunday. If not, after a time you would be summoned to the dean's office.

     There were a number of other rules, a few of which might seem odd, perhaps very odd, to some who read these posts. And, something would occasionally happen while you were out of your room at Chapel!

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 35 – Intro To Northeast Bible Institute Part 2: Before he was beheaded, the apostle Paul by the Holy Spirit wrote to Timothy (2 Timothy 2:3 AKJV), You therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. I have never been in human military, but from what I understand there are numerous rules no matter what branch you join. While many of the rules made sense, I have heard from a few people that there were rules that made little sense. Either way it is discipline and discipline can build character.

     Yes, Timothy was a pastor and bishop, but in spiritual reality every true Christian ought to think of themselves as a soldier. Godly discipline is good and those that attended Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) got a level of it.

     Unmarried couples had to keep at least six inches from each other and, to the best of my knowledge, holding hands was not allowed. They could not be alone anywhere and were forbidden to visit the cottages of the married couples. In order to go on a date they had to fill out a form and submit it to their respective deans and could not go alone. Permission had to be secured from the President of NBI in order to be engaged and get married. Some of these rules were relaxed in my junior year.

     Now, naturally one could not enter the dormitory / living quarters of the opposite sex unless there was good reason. If I do not forget I will give you an example of a good reason in the next series. If one did have to enter one would have to announce their presence from time to time: man in the hall, woman in the hall.

     Except for when you had homework from heaven, or were going to Sunday church service, in order to go off campus you had to fill out a form at least 24 hours ahead. There was probably a different arrangement, though, for those that had to work off campus on a regular basis.

     And, like I previously said, you had to attend Chapel from Monday through Friday. You were allowed to be absent ten times per semester. In either case, the door to your room had to be open during that time because your room might be visited by the dean or one of the dean's assistants. Room inspection occurred at least once a week and our rooms were to be neat. Yeow! My mind just flashed back to the time I was unsaved and attending Catholic grade school. The inside of my desk was always messy until that fateful day a nun picked my desk up with me in it, shook the stuff out on to the floor, and made me put it back neatly! Yikes!

     Anyhow, I do not remember what room grades I got for the first year and because it was a shared room when we returned to the room there were two grades, one for each occupant. The grade was factored into your deportment grade and your deportment showed up on your mid-term and end of term grade sheet that had the grades for your classes.

     Good training, no? But as September 1970 marched on and I saw what my bill was for that semester I realized I only had enough money for that semester and perhaps a smidgen of the next semester. I had to do something about it. More next time, God willing.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 36 – Dad Gets A Jolt: As I mentioned last time, upon checking my funds I had enough money for only the first semester at Northeast Bible Institute (NBI), and perhaps a smidgen for the next semester. NBI was on a 4 – 1 – 4 system which meant the next semester would be only one month, January. My parents were not Christians and I had no guarantee they would financially help with my schooling. I had to get a job.

     But, which job? Some of the other guys worked at, if I recall the name correctly, Wander's which I think was a furniture refinishing company. I think they worked various hours, and sometimes guys worked late at night and might not return until 1 or 2 AM. I did not think I could do that. My study habits were a bit messed up and occasionally I would have insomnia. Something like Wander's would not be for me.

     However, posted on a bulletin board in the administration building were some on-campus job openings, one of which was cleaning the campus kitchen after hours. Hey, Mr. Genius knew how to push a broom and mop! My dormitory was on the second floor of the same building so the location was very convenient. I applied for the job and got it.

     Back in Kearny my Dad got bad news – his brother, my uncle Eugene, died. I think uncle Eugene was only two or three years old when his parents, Paul and Anna, came to the United States as a family and settled in Jersey City. I am sure this greatly saddened my Dad, and I think God used the event to make my Dad think about his own salvation a little more.

     Both of my parents knew I had made a commitment to Christ and that I said I was born again. I knew my Mom, a Roman Catholic, was observing me more and gave me a little static now and then, but my Dad, who was Russian Orthodox at the time, was silent-- like he was much of the time. I continued to pray for their salvation.

     And, I was about to get an unexpected notice!

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 37 – A Shock In My Mailbox: As you read last time my uncle Eugene passed away sometime in September, and I am very afraid he had not made peace with God through Christ. I am sure that his passing greatly affected my Dad who, like my Mom, also had not made his peace with God through Christ. Though busy with my new life at Bible institute I continued to pray for their salvation.

     Indeed I was busy with five main subjects and a couple of extras. According to my unofficial transcript, for that semester I had Introduction To The New Testament, Education In The Church, Freshman English and Ancient History on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I had one main subject, Personal Evangelism. Another class was Physical Education (only a half credit for that one), and then there was Orientation.

     Since the listings are not in alphabetical order on the transcript I am assuming they are in the order they occurred on their day. If I recall correctly, Introduction To The New Testament was at 7:30 AM. If I wanted breakfast it had to be before that time. Chapel was always slated for 8:35. It was my favorite, but Education In The Church was a close second. I was disappointed I had to take English. I figured grades 1 to 12 ought to have been enough. And Ancient History, sad to say, was not very appealing.

     So Tuesdays and Thursdays were lighter days to me, providing more time to study. Of course, Personal Evangelism was delightful and it was not a 7:30 class So I could rise a little later. Everything I had on those days was after Chapel. Physical Education occurred in the afternoon. Sister Doersom was the instructor for that.

     Mail usually arrived sometime afternoon. The mail lobby was at the end of a number of classrooms. It was one day either near the end of September or the beginning of October that I checked my mail and saw that I had received mail from . . .

The Selective Service
Local Board No. 27 For New Jersey
2nd Floor, 102 Midland Avenue
Kearny, N.J. 07032

     No! I just got to Bible institute! Are they going to rip me out of here now? NO!

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 38 – The Surprise From My Draft Board: I do not remember how long I stared at the envelope wondering if I was about to be drafted. I had been at Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) for only four or five weeks and here came this surprise from the Kearny New Jersey Local Board of the Selective Service. It had to be a notice that I was going to be drafted because I thought the only way to get a ministry training deferment was to be in a seminary, and NBI was not a seminary.

     I had to open it. It was a notice that I was reclassified as 2D! Huh? NBI counted as a place for deferment due to ministerial training? Well, the fear I had now quickly changed to relief, peace and joy. I thanked God. I would be able to finish my education – if I could stay. I did not have enough money to finish out the school year.

     So, back to my room I went to get some studying done. Pictured in this post is the room I shared with Nathaniel Haynes. My desk is in the foreground. Nat was from New Hampshire. Nat did not mind the cool (cold to me) air in the fall and spring. He wanted the window open. Me? My parents always had our house quite warm, so you can jolly well guess that I had to adapt at NBI. Well, for the years following I asked (maybe begged) to have a single occupancy room and one in a corner of the dorm. Being a heavy coffee drinker at that time I had problems sleeping at night and other guys told me the corner rooms were more quiet.

     There was always studying to do. As stated, Introduction To The New Testament (NT) was my favorite. After all, I came to a Bible institute to learn about the Holy Bible. For this course along with an overview of the NT one of the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) was focused upon and the process was rotated each year. For the fall of 1970 it was the Gospel of Mark. At first I thought good, we get a short one, but, indeed, that little Gospel is loaded!

     Sometime after this I went back down to my mailbox and found another notice. This time it was from the Christian Education Department of NBI. I received my first homework from heaven!

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 39 – My First Homework From Heaven Some time fifty years ago in October I checked my campus mailbox and received my first notification from NBI's Christian Service Department. I was to be part of a one-afternoon evangelical outreach team for an Assembly of God church in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Quakertown! Will I see mild-mannered Quakers dressed in their Quaker garb – especially the hats – roaming the streets?

     Christian Service Assignments came in various forms. Sometimes a team might be at a location for one Sunday and a member (or two if the team stayed for the evening service) might preach, someone might lead worship, teach a Sunday School class, and so on. Gifted students might sing specials. If Saturday was included their might be some street evangelism to be done. Sometimes a team was gone for the whole weekend (in which case some would bring their textbooks along to study and work on homework). There were also some assignments where team members might face a level of danger. Some were for special ministries. God willing I will try to give examples in the next series of my TBTs that start in 2021.

     My first one was just for a Saturday afternoon if I recall correctly, and nothing dangerous at all. It was street witnessing. But I was out of my environment, – this was not Kearny, New Jersey. Being new at NBI, I was not very well acquainted with any of the other members of the team. So, I was a bit edgy. Nonetheless we were asked to come and spread the Good News of the salvation that Christ offers. I do not remember how many people I tried speaking with, except there was one young adult couple. Sadly, they would hear none of it.

     After a pleasant meal provided by the church we returned to NBI, and I continued to think of, and pray for, my parents from time to time that they would soon commit their lives to God through Christ. How close were either one of them to stepping out into eternity where there is no second chance. My Dad's brother recently died and, if you read the previous TBT series, Mom seemed to have signs of cancer.

     But a death would occur on campus and I would see something I had never seen before.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 40 - Bro. Doersom Graduates To Glory: As you read this keep in mind this was back in 1970 when the vast majority of funerals were somber, very somber. Today it is different because to most people, at least in the United States, almost everyone gets to go to heaven. Today, just about every funeral is a celebration of some sort because, after all, all these people are good, so it is RIP for almost everyone, especially if the person typing or writing RIP likes the person who died. You know, it could be some popular singer that has sung some of the raunchiest lyrics you ever have heard, someone with a foul mouth, – and the list can go on –, but somehow people grant them an RIP.

     A lot of people knew better than that over fifty years ago. Nonetheless, it seems a majority of those back then would find a level of solace in their religion. As you hopefully know by now, I was raised Roman Catholic and if you remained a Roman Catholic in spiritual good standing then you made it to heaven – after a stop over in Purgatory (which there is no such place). However, if you had any mortal sins on your soul when you died you go to Hell. And, by the way, back then most Catholics were real Catholics, unlike today when some Catholics support abortion, affirm homosexuality, get divorced and remarried, and more despite the position of the Vatican. To me, these people are just Catholic in name.

     All I knew before coming to Christ in regard to funerals was that they were not a fun time, except that when I was younger I thought the big dinners held in halls and such were pretty good. No music was allowed to be played in our house. We would go to a funeral mass where hearing the music, especially the Ave Maria, smelling the incense, saying phrases like may he / she dwell in perpetual light, was a bit creepy for me. It was even creepier when it was said in Latin.

     If you have read the previous series you will remember I stopped cold in my tracks when Robert Wittik implied I was going to Hell, that I – and no one else – was good enough to get to heaven. I and everyone else needed Jesus Christ as our Savior. So one thing I realized not too long after I came to Christ was that sadly, unless they repented and received Christ, all my relatives, even the ones I really liked and I thought were really nice, had gone to Hell.

     But then I also learned that if one dies while they are truly in Christ, they enter into Eternal Life by the merciful grace of God. Christ paid the penalty for them and they were set free from that penalty if they remained in Christ when they died.

     It was in my first year at Northeast Bible Institute (NBI), in the fall of 1970, that Sister Doersom's husband died. I do not remember his first name, but he had died in Christ. Sister Doersom was the physical education teacher at NBI.

     Having read in the Holy Bible about the death of true Christians I knew we ought not to mourn like the world does (or did back then), but should be somewhat joyous over their graduation fo heaven. And, indeed, when they held a memorial service at NBI for brother Doersom it was very joyous. People will praising God and rejoicing that brother Doersom made it to the other unto Eternal Life. And rest in peace could be said, because brother Doersom made his peace with God through Christ and remained in Christ.

     I thought to myself that, indeed, this is how we ought to be when someone who is truly a Christian dies. Nothing needs to be morbid. That memorial service was something to be remembered. And I think something memorable happened that October which I would later incorporate into my ministry. More on that next time, God willing.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 41 - Reformation Day Celebration: Previously I had generally described what mainly went on from Monday through Friday for me as a freshman at Northeast Bible Institute (NBI), but just touched upon the weekends. Sure, with no classes on Saturday you could sleep-in, but with the studying that was required you would not want to after a while. Besides, if you slept-in too long there would be no breakfast for you. Since my dorm was over the cafeteria that was a reminder to me.

     I had four three-credit courses as opposed to one two-credit course which often meant I might have had a load of studying and homework assigned to me each Friday. As I typed that, I had to wonder if the school did that to some of us on purpose, heh heh, to get freshmen into the idea that though a weekend comes along we were not at NBI to play around but we were there to learn.

     Of those four three-credit courses I liked two, disliked one and just about hated the other one – English. Though I had poor studied habits, I think that even back then I would do the things I did not like first and save the most pleasing to me last, like having dessert. The course I disliked, for the most part, was Ancient History. The other two, Christian Education and Introduction to the New Testament were a delight to me.

     You could socialize at various locations on campus, but if it would be with those of the opposite sex it would have to be outdoors near the administration building, or a place of common access, usually inside the administration building which had at least one open lounge. I think there was a snack area too.

     But such things were not for me for the first year because when God saved me He saved someone that was mostly self-centered and tended to be an introvert. However, for some odd reason a Halloween party was held in a building where we would take physical education. I went to that but, based on what I know today, I now regret it.

     It was around that time that over the weekend a special event was being held at a church in regard to the anniversary of what some call the start of the Protestant Reformation, the day (October 31, 1517) when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg church. Somehow I wound up going to that event.

     That particular celebration of Reformation Day left a great impression in my mind. And what I heard, and a little later learned, about Martin Luther and others was just the tip of the iceberg of the story behind those years during the 1500s. Some time back I had read the book about Luther titled, Here I Stand. There was a providential move of the hand of God a number of times from the childhood of Luther until his death.

     The impression about the Reformation that church made in my mind has stuck with me over the years and I really think that it is what every Christian and Christian church ought to be celebrating when October 31 rolls around.

     There was another celebration that fall semester. I got a surprise one weekend.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 42 – A Surprise Visit: As mentioned, Saturdays for me at Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) meant finish your homework. I surely had some since I had four three-credit courses which meant my four professors / instructors would give us assignments. Of course, like some others, I would not mind being distracted at times and there was one Saturday that I got a very pleasant distraction.

     I think I was in my dorm room when someone told me I had visitors, and I think I asked the brother to have them come on up to my room – probably because I needed a few seconds to tidy things. In a few moments, lo and behold who comes to my door but Pastor Bricker and Robert Graham of Kearny Assembly of God (AOG)! Their picture is in this post.

     Others from Kearny AOG were along but did not come up right away. They might have been looking into things at NBI because because quite often Saturdays were open house days and it was hoped that some visitors might decide to sign up to attend NBI. This might have been the reason that two of the young ladies in this next photograph have name tags and are holding envelopes. From your left to right are Sharon Scafuri, Deborah Martone (nee Cataffi), and Carol Jenkins.

     Sister Bricker was along too as you can see in this final photograph with Pastor Bricker. As you can see, our pastor was not a stiff-shirted preacher. He was, and still is, a fun guy and very approachable no matter what age you were. Sister Bricker was gentle and understanding. Nevertheless, this pastoral team was firm on what God's Word states, and pointed all of us to godliness and victory in Jesus Christ.

     In writing my occasional letters to my parents I probably mentioned that Kearny AOG had visited me at NBI. Hopefully that would encourage them toward making Christ their Savior and Lord.

     Naturally, after my church friends went to Kearny I headed back to my studies. Loathing English since I already had twelve years of it, I probably already had done that assignment. The next less favorite was Ancient History, but yet it was interesting sometimes. And I will not forget what Professor Ott prayed one time before the start of a class!

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 43 – A Great Faculty: I feel very blessed that in the first year of my salvation in Christ I was able to attend Northeast Bible Institute (NBI). Many of the teachers and staff were inspiring and encouraging. Some of them were credentialed as ministers with the Assemblies of God (AOG).

     Our Ancient History professor, brother Ott, was an ordained minister with the AOG. As I mentioned, Ancient History was not my favorite, although I did find studying about the Egyptians a little interesting.

     Classes always began with prayer at NBI. One day as brother Ott was praying at the start of class he said something like, Oh, Lord, you know some do not like ancient history..., and continued by asking God to help each student to learn. I’m sure he purposely prayed that way so that we, too, would be honest before the Lord. Aspects of ancient history had to be learned since this would enhance our knowledge of what is recorded in the Holy Bible. Human emotion should not stand in the way of one becoming a polished tool in the hands of God.

     That semester I finished that class with a C minus. However I considered this brother an A plus professor and someone who, like Pastor Bricker, was understanding and approachable. Later at my time at NBI I would be knocking on his office door which, God willing, I might mention in the next series.

     Then, there was Christian Education class taught by Sister Bietzel. It was somewhat of a fun class. We learned about the origins of Sunday School and other arms of Christian education, as well as the various tools to teach that were available at that time. That was fifty years ago and a far cry from what we can do today with current technology.

     Anyone with a little too much adult pride in their heart had to humble themselves from time time as we would practice children's action songs such as I'm In The Lord's Army, When My Cup Runneth Over With Joy, and Stop And Let Me Tell You. It put a smile on most of our faces since we ranged by age from young adult to those past forty, along with the various sizes we were.

     Christian education is for all, but perhaps the most critical of all groups were the children. Although much of the class was fun, there was a sense of reverence considering the various passages in the Holy Bible that deal with children. Perhaps that tone of reverence was intiated early in the semester when Sister Beitzel taught us a prayer-hymn which can be heard here .

     It was also early in the semester when she made an impression on me in class. She called on me about something, and said, Brother Macinta. We all respected our teachers and staff and always referred to them as Brother or Sister regardless whether they were credentialed or not. There I was, a very new Christian, someone much younger than my instructor, a novice, and so on, and Sister Beitzel used the same term we used for those we ought to consider, in a way, above us. Surely it is good to be in the Body of Christ where, no matter the gifts, the calling, the spiritual growth, and so on, anyone and everyone truly in Christ is a brother or sister.

     The faculty and staff considered themselves on par with the students. And when there was work to be done, those that were able were often there to pitch in. God willing I will mention an example next time. It was something God probably used to mold me, partly to provide a witness to my unsaved mother. Having unsaved parents fifty years ago from this post concerned me.

     Note: Lately I have been putting up the updates on Mondays but for the next one I am going to try to get it closer to this Friday or even Thursday the 20th.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 44 – My First Campus Day: The alma mater of Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) started off with, Mid trees tall and stately, that point us to our Lord, stands our alma mater holding forth His Word .... Mid trees tall and stately, indeed. And every fall we would be mid leaves aplenty.

     Word got out sometime in the fall of 1970 that we would have a campus day, a time to break away from studies and perhaps classes to clean up the campus and help with some repair and maintenance. If I recall correctly, I do not think I liked the idea at first because I wanted to get stuff done, but students were expected to pitch in. Staff and faculty joined us. There was also a campus day in the spring.

     Along with my studies I was doing my job in regard to the kitchen, cleaning it almost every night. I think they gave me one night off per week, but I do not remember. I had to work so I could save money to pay my school bills that would come up next semester. My parents were not Christians and I had no guarantee they would financially help.

     It did help, though, to see our instructors put on work clothes and help out. It seems to me each instructor or staff member had a team of students under them. There is one picture of our Greek professor helping to paint. He had a mustache and with that brush in his hand he looks more like a famous artist than just someone about to paint some trim.

     And about this time fifty years ago we were just days away from Thanksgiving vacation. Dad would show up at some point to take me home. Neither of my parents knew Christ, and because of that they knew unforgiveness and bitterness. If you read the previous series you will recall they did not sleep together. They were very vehement toward each other. I kept praying for their salvation.

     That first campus day helped me get into godly servant mode, which followed me home during Thanksgiving vacation and opened a door to witness to my mother. Also, a Macinta family gathering was slated. My godfather would be there and most likely by now he had heard left the Roman Catholic Church. Will he say anything to me?

     Note: I will endeavor to place the next post on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 since it will deal with my Thanksgiving vacation fifty years ago at home.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 45 – 1970 Thanksgiving Of Inquisition And Witness: Fifty years ago from the date of this post I was back home in Kearny during Thanksgiving vacation from Northeast Bible (NBI). It was much different for me, of course, because I was now born again and had felt the call of God to enter the ministry, but a year before I was hopeless and contemplating suicide. It was, and still is, a blessing to be saved from self and sin, but now my concern was for my parents who did not personally know the forgiveness of God.

     It was probably a day or so before Thanksgiving that Mom was preparing either a usual meal or getting things ready for Thanksgiving. Before I came to Christ I do not recall ever offering to help my parents do anything. I did have at least one chore which was to mow the grass, but I do not recall volunteering for anything else. But this time I had Christ within, so when I heard Mom was busy in the kitchen I sauntered in and asked, Can I help you mom?

“Not with THOSE filthy hands,” she angrily said.

! ! ! ! ! !

    The first thought that came to my mind was that she was referring to my first arrest. If you want more information on that please see the previous series, Throwback Thursday Countdown To The Week Christ Saved Me - And Beyond! It could have been that or other things too, but I really felt she meant the reason for my arrest.

     Mom, God forgave me of that a long time ago, I replied. That a long time ago was just ten months in the past (when I surrendered to God in Christ), but to me at that point it was a long time ago. I think after I left the kitchen I went up to my room and cried a little. Will my parents ever get saved?

     At some point before my return to NBI there was the usual Macinta / Maciuta gathering and, if I am not mistaken, this one was also at Uncle Gene's though my uncle had just died in September. Again, the brandy made its rounds for the Russian toast, Nostrobyia ([to / for] Our Health) and, again, I abstained. No one seemed to care and probably some did not mind since there would be more brandy left for those who might want more later. However, I am sure that it was a witness to someone.

     The Macinta / Maciuta gathering, like most other family gatherings, included various relatives, so some who were there were the Pfeiffers, Prettys, and the Semonoviches. When it came to religion, some were Russian Orthodox and others were Catholics. As you recall, I was raised Roman Catholic but came to Christ at the age of seventeen. By the time of this Macinta / Maciuta gathering most a lot of my relatives knew I no longer claimed to be Catholic. I would imagine Mom had mentioned a number of things about me to my relatives by phone.

     I was seated in the living room when I spied my godfather, an uncle (whom I will call Uncle Two) coming toward me. Ah! Here comes my inquisition.

I heard you left the Roman Catholic Church!

I made Jesus Christ my Savior, uncle (Name), I said.

    I think he just stared a little and then walked into the kitchen. He had probably had been in the kitchen before he came in living room. On the other side of the living room was a hall that connected that ran from the kitchen to the front door and there was a doorway for the living room.

     I felt led to give him the brief statement instead detailing when I and why actually did leave the Roman Catholic Church in my heart at a younger age, went to satanism, then to pantheism, and finally came to Christ. Really, the brief answer was all that he needed. He had no answer for my brief statement.

     I was not very scared about him asking. I thought, What could he do? Think about that. In our Nation, what could he do? Now contrast that with what other true Christians often face in Laos, Communist China and many other countries. Contrast that with what he probably would have done over five hundred years ago when the Roman Catholic Church still had a level of great power, where true Christians were tortured, imprisoned, and, among other things, murdered in various ways including, but not limited to, being buried alive, drowned, or burnt alive. Facts like this about the Roman Catholic Church have been conveniently buried by the celebration of Halloween, hiding the date that many mark as the start of the Protestant Reformation. And, what do some Protestants do? They go right ahead celebrating Halloween and thus trample the blood, dust, and ashes of true Christians who took a stand for Christ.

     If you name the Name of Christ I encourage you to witness as directed by the Holy Spirit. Those of us in the United States might have it easier at the moment than the rest of the world, so I would think we ought to do more and be the loudest voice and brightest light of witness. With the incoming administration of our executive branch it seems that our freedoms will soon be lessened. Even now it is difficult to really have free speech when governments, school districts, media, and social media are controlled by people who really do not know the one true God and the Savior of the World.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 46 – In Less Than A Month: Fifty years ago from this date I was back at Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) after my Dad had brought me back earlier in the week, perhaps in the evening of Sunday, November 29. It had been good to be home for a few days, but now I faced the fact that the first semester would end in less than a month.

     Final exams were coming up. I had two classes that I liked and two that I did not like. At that time I had a great lack of motivation in regard to subjects I did not like and had poor study habits. So I had a concern about passing Ancient History and Freshman English. I would hate to have to re-take either one, but especially English. I had English classes ever since first grade. I was tired of them. I did not want more at NBI.

     At home, my Dad just had another birthday, Mom's also occurred in December. However, they needed to be born again. If you recall, a level of anger seemed to always be between them. In my previous series I related how they would vehemently yell vulgarities at each other and I told of when we were returning from Jersey City one time and they were so angry at each other I was a nervous wreck in the back seat of the car. There also came the time when Mom took my sister and I and ran away, and wound up in a psychiatric ward in a Jersey City hospital.

     And there was one event that I do not think I have written about and has remained shrouded in mystery to me. I think it was sometime just a few years before I turned seventeen that they wanted to go somewhere past Newark and took me with them. I do not know what city or town it was but I had to stay in the car while they went inside somewhere. They were somber driving to it, but it seemed like my mother was even more somber when they came back to the car.

     What was it? Did they go to a lawyer to have a will made up? Did they go to a lawyer to talk about a divorce? For weeks and months I waited for something to happen but it never did.

     However, something else WOULD HAPPEN in less than a month.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 47 – The Contrast Of Two Decembers: If you have read last year's Throwback Thursday: Countdown To The Week Christ Saved Me – And Beyond you would see that fifty-one years from the date of this post I was strongly contemplating suicide December 1969. I felt I had made a terrible mess of my life, and I had been rejected by colleges for admission. I had no real purpose, and I had no real hope. I attempted suicide twice in one night a week or two before Christmas.

     One year later, I had real and, in fact, everlasting hope AND purpose. And, though I was not in college, I was in a ministerial school of a Christian fellowship in preparation to be an evangelist (not the type most people think of, though) with a goal of eventually securing credentials with the Assemblies of God.

     To the best of my recollection, the anniversary of my suicide attempt came and went without any notice from me. To this day I cannot even recall if it was the weekend before Christmas or two weekends before Christmas. Fifty years ago from this post I only had two concerns: passing the first semester and the salvation of my parents.

     I was not doing too well in both Freshman English and Ancient History. Would I fail either one or both? God willing I will post that next week.

     Nevertheless, December 1970 was in beautiful, awesome, stark contrast with December 1969. Surrendering to God through Christ and staying with Him made the difference. If you have not made a true surrender to God through Christ which is ongoing every moment of your life I encourage you to come to Him now.

     The end of December 1970 would prove even better than the start of that month. Please stay tuned.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 48 – Did I Pass The First Semester?: In my last post I briefly contrasted December 1969 with December 1970 and I would add a bit more. Because I now had real hope, my appetite was better and that was really good because we had an excellent cook at Northeast Bible Institute (NBI). To this day every alumnus of NBI raves about the fine meals we enjoyed from a gifted man of God, brother Bill Lindsey.

     Most of us will also tell you the spiritual meals from the chapel services were also excellent for the most part. And, at least once a year we had missionary conventions for a week. The missionary convention services occurred both during the morning chapel time and also in the evenings. The evening services were not required. However, you might miss some very interesting things.

     Fifty years ago from the date of this post on Facebook I either had taken part of my final exams for the semester or I was about to take all of them. I forget a lot of how it was but it seems to me we took our finals and received our grades a day or so later.

     OK, confession time. I said I would reveal the end of my first semester grades. Lowest grade was C- in Ancient History. I received a C in Orientation and Personal Evangelism. Believe it or not, I got a C+ Physical Education (for some reason I am giggling at that one). I received a B for Freshman English One, B+ in Education in the Church and Introduction to the New Testament. In high school I would get mostly Cs and Ds, but now I was Cs and Bs – and I certainly give Jesus Christ the credit. However, the word on campus was that some courses got tougher as one advanced through the years.

     If I recall correctly, we got the results the Monday or Tuesday before Christmas. I think we were to go home Wednesday. Dad picked me up and we headed home for my first Christmas as being made truly alive by Christ. And, it would turn out to be a miraculous Christmas from heaven!

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 49 – Miraculous Christmas From Heaven!: As December 1970 moved closer to Christmas, the usual Christmas hymns took on new meaning for me. Instead of just having a head knowledge of the words, once one is born again through Christ they have a God-given heart knowledge. Any line that mentioned anything about salvation now had a direct personal meaning.

     If I recall correctly, whenever I sang or heard Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, my Dad came to mind when we got to the lines, Born to raise the sons of earth. Born to give them second birth. Would he and Mom become saved this Christmas?

     Once home for Christmas I soon found out that Kearny Assembly of God (AOG) was going to have a Sunday Christmas program. I cannot remember if I told my parents or if they already knew about it, and they decided to go!

     I think it was when we got to church I was asked to help with the lighting from the balcony. Yes, that little church building had a back balcony. The church's mimeograph machine was up there. For those that may not know, the mimeograph was the dinosaur forerunner of the photocopy machine.

     Dad and Mom chose to sit on the right side of the sanctuary almost halfway back from the front. The little church was packed by the time the program started. I do not think there were any vacant places to sit.

     I do not recall what the program was about but I do believe it was sister Bricker that gave the altar call at the end, inviting people to come forward to pray and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

     Numerous people responded, in fact, it seemed like most of those who attended had gone forward. What we call the altar area, space between the front pews and the altar rail at the platform was filled with people. There was even a bunching up in the center aisle. Many were even kneeling in the center aisle.

     But Dad and Mom, they were still seated. I think they were the only ones left in their pew, but my parents just sat there. Were they waiting for me? I had to go down and ask them if they would like to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. I headed down the steps and went over to where they sitting.

     Mom, Dad, do you want receive Christ?

     Without saying a word (although I think Dad gave a brief nod) they got up, got into the center aisle and knelt right there. Sister Bricker indicated she was about to lead in prayer those that came forward. I wanted to make sure both parents knew this not just another prayer we had been so used to rattling off with little sincerity.

     Mom, Dad, you have to mean it, I said as sister Bricker began to lead those who came forward in The Sinner's Prayer. And so they prayed.

     Did they really make a commitment to God through Jesus Christ?

     To be continued.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 50 – Into The New Year With Real Hope: As you might have read in my previous post, Dad and Mom accepted Christ as their Savior during a jammed packed Sunday evening service at Kearny Assembly of God. I was hoping that they did not just say the sinner's prayer, but that they sincerely prayed the sinner's prayer.

     I cannot recall much of what I or my immediate family did for the last week of December 1970 but it does seem to me there was a subtle difference. Though my Mom still smoked, I do not recall her saying one foul word during the week. Dad was not using foul language. No argument occurred between them.

     And, for New Years Eve I do not recall any alcohol around, not even beer. I do not remember seeing any pickled herring in the refrigerator. The custom in my general family was to eat at least a small piece of pickled herring the first thing during the new year so you could have luck for the entire year. There was no pickled herring in the house and that was OK because once you have Jesus as King of your life that is all you need. Not that bad stuff will never happen to you, but that when it does if we are saved we can let Christ make something positive from it.

     Instead of luck there is blessing in Christ, and there is also prayer. I think it was my sister that told me that my mom, in her Roman Catholic thinking, was hoping I would turn out to be priest. Now my mom was saved, born again, a member of the true Body of Christ which, as Jesus indicated, can not be pinpointed so one could say here it is, there it is. Perhaps she would soon find out that each true born again person, including me and her and my dad, was actually a priest before God.

     In all, New Years Eve 1970 was a great contrast to New Years Eve 1969. By the end of 1969 no one in my family had any real hope. But then, on December 31 1970 my parents and I were all born again and were being changed day by day by the mercy of God into the image of His Son. We would enter 1971 with real hope.

     And as I headed back to Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) for an interesting one month semester, I now had on my prayer list the following things: that my parents would stay true to Christ; that Mom would not slide back into Roman Catholicism; that Mom would quit smoking; that both parents would get away from the habit of drinking alcohol; that they would permit Jesus to heal their relationship with each other. Remember, they would VEHEMENTLY argue with each other, Mom threatened divorce, and along with other things they did not sleep together.

     I am just about crying here. I want to tell you what happened—what Jesus did in their lives, but since this series only deals with January 1970 to January 1971 it will have to wait for the next series. The next series, which, God willing, will begin later in January 1971, and any after that, will not be based upon the sub-theme of fifty years ago. The next series will cover the years 1971 to January 1974. God willing I will give you more details in the final post for this series.

     Oh, let me add one more thing to my prayer list that I mentioned above: the financial means to remain at NBI after the next semester. I did not have ample funds for the third semester.

What A First Year In Christ! - Week 51 – Seeing What Abraham Saw: By the grace of God I entered into 1971 with relish and not pickled herring. To understand that one you will have to read the previous post. I greatly looked forward to January 1971 because I had only one class at Northeast Bible Institute for the month and it was definitely about the Holy Bible: Introduction To The Old Testament.

     One of our textbooks was God Spake By Moses – An Exposition Of The Pentateuch by Oswald T. Allis. Right from the start, Genesis 1:1, we saw the gracious state of the One true God as The Trinity. On page 9 he writes, Elohim [the word translated as God in the very first verse] is a plural form; but throughout the Old Testament it is regularly constructed as singular when used of the true God, which indicates that it is a plural of majesty of excellence, and has no connections with polytheistic notions.

     Though the course involved the entire Old Testament, if I recall correctly a focus was upon the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Holy Bible and, if I am not mistaken, we had to read all of it by the end of the month.

     One night when it was not too cold I decided to go for a prayer walk out into the field beyond the school's outdoor tabernacle. The field was in between the two campus roads that led out to U.S. 29. There were not too many lights. I was used to lights in Kearny, NJ. where there were street lights just about everywhere. However, it was very dark in the campus field. It was little exciting since it was so dark and I did not know what to expect but, after all, it was winter and so there was little chance of me treading on any critters.

     As I walked into the field I looked up. Stars! Stars like I never saw them before! As I looked at them I realized that I was seeing basically the same thing Abraham had seen.

     We read in Genesis 15 that God took Abraham outside and said, Now look toward the heavens, and count the stars, if you are able to count them. And He said to him, So shall your descendants be (Genesis 15:5). Abraham probably had no idea that his descendants would also include his spiritual descendants. I was now one of them. It was, and still is, an awesome experience. In regard to time, it was a connection of over 4,000 years.

     Previously, in Genesis 13:16, God had told Abraham that his seed would be like the dust of the earth in regard to numbering. The dust was near Abraham. However, the stars God pointed to were very far away, which hinted to millennia after Abraham's death. Dust would speak of those born of flesh, and the stars speak of those born by the Holy Spirit.

     If you do not have Jesus Christ as King of your life, where you have surrendered yourself to God through Christ, I invite you to do that now.

     Next time, God willing, I will reveal unto you what my grade was for this class.

Newest . . .
What A First Year In Christ! - Week 52 – OT Grade and Introduction To The Next Series: Fifty years (1971) ago from this post about this time I was almost one year old - - - - one year old in the Lord Jesus! A year before that I had been in a quandary: I figured there was a God and if The Revelation Of Jesus Christ (the last book of the Holy Bible) was true I was in big trouble with Him. I struggled with coming to Christ because I did not want any human figure to believe in in order to be on the good side with God. During the last few days before I came to Christ I did not understand Who Christ was: all God and all man.

     But now (back then in January 1971), I had Christ as my Lord and Savior and I was at Northeast Bible Institute in Green Lane Pennsylvania learning about the Old Testament. I began to see passages that supported that there is one God, and that He subsists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

     Though I had only one class for January 1971 (the school was on a 4-1-4 system), and I had a Holy Bible subject, the Old Testament was a bit of a struggle at times. However there was help on the way in coming months which, God willing, I will cover in the next series.

     So, what was my final grade? Drum roll, please: I received a B. Well, that was a relief. But a concern started to grow in my mind toward the end of that semester. I would soon receive a bill for the next semester, and there was not much money left in my bank account since most of it, if not all, was used to pay my schooling up to that point.

     Will I somehow get money to stay in school? If I do not, will the school have mercy on me? Find out in the next series, Bumps, Blessings, Surprises And More In The Boot Camp Of King Jesus. That title will become hypertext when the first post of it is finished.

     Although the first post or so will reference fifty years ago, the balance of Bumps, Blessings, Surprises And More In The Boot Camp Of King Jesus will not be based upon that time reference. Nevertheless, there are numerous things I want to tell you about, how God reversed some negative things from life as an unsaved person. There will be some funny things too, like as to what happened in my first public sermon. And there will something that is very special that I want to tell you concerning my parents. Again, I am in tears thinking about this particular incident.

     There is so much to tell because of the mighty and gracious hand of God! If you do have Christ as your Lord and Savior I invite you to receive Him now into your life. Confess to Him that you are a sinner (we all are before we come to Christ), renounce your life of sin, ask God to forgive and cleanse you, and invite Jesus Christ into your heart, the center of your being, and make Him Lord King of your life.

     If you do so, you will information at to help you grow in Christ!

Up next . . .

Bumps, Blessings, Surprises And More In The Boot Camp Of King Jesus

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