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THE MARRIAGE PAGES have plenty of sound, Biblical, information for all! Let God heal your marriage! Give God a chance.

Hope For Your Soul

REAL LOVE! -Learn about the BEST God has for everyone, in all sorts of relationships!

THE FORGIVENESS FACTOR -We all need a good dose of forgiveness from time to time. No matter what you have done, this is for you!

Hope For Your Mind And Body

OVERCOME DEPRESSION! -This is the first of four pages of various things that God showed to me how I could overcome depression! Hopefully you will benefit from these tips.

SUICIDE PREVENTION -Feel like ending it all? Please read this!

KNOW OF SOMEONE who may be considering suicide? -This has many tips for you to help someone in need.

FEEL UGLY, WORHTLESS? -This is just for you!

Hope For Your Entire Being!

How to GET READY TO LEAVE THIS WORLD! -Find out about eternal LIFE.

PROOF OF THE SOON RETURN OF CHRIST! -Current event in the 1990's is an indicator that the time draws near.

Device Has Been Invented To Facilitate The Mark Of The Beast

Audio messages by Bro. Peter!

O t h e r

Acknowledgment of prayer requests received by phone or Internet post and,
Some articles I have written at various sites.

Greetings to all and welcome to my site, Bro. Pete's Oasis of Hope. God the Father gives us all hope through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus is the Answer to our every need, whether it be emotional, spiritual, physical, marital, economic, social, or anything else. I know that for a fact, because Christ saved me out of the realm of darkness early in 1970. Before then, for a short time I was a satanist. During that time, I refused, whenever possible, to capitalize God. Since surrendering to Christ, I now refuse to capitalize satan whenever possible. That is why you will find that name in lower case in many of my web pages and articles.

I am an independent Pentecostal minister who resides in Maryland, USA. I hope I am "approachable," that you feel relaxed visiting this site. My email address is petemacinta@yahoo.com, pastortalk@iname.com

Contact Page

Also, for those that do have email or, would even try to attempt to contact us by phone, there are some pointers there.

To learn more about me, visit the personal page.

Deep gratitude is expressed to J. Payne and his "The Graphic Station," who used to be located at http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/6603/, for many of the icons, images, backgrounds, and other graphics used in this site, and a few others that I maintain. When I find where he is now located on the Internet, I will post his link in his name. I also express my appreciation for the many folks that have helped me with HTML 3, 4, and XHTML/CSS throughout the years. When I first created Brohter Pete's Oasis of Hope, I could not figure out how to make links, but a sister in Christ named Debbie at Geocities, and I forget her last name, walked me through it.

For those that were familiar with this site at Geocities, sadly bought by Yahoo!, you may wonder where my other pages are such as the PROPHECY UPDATE pages. I have the old files on disk, but have not placed them here since I did not have much time, nor was I updating those pages recently. Other pages included BRIGHT NEWS - that one will have to wait too. The page on the Holy Anointing oil is on my Tripod site.

Yahoo! Geocities removed my Oasis of Hope without telling why. This site was then placed on the Bravehost Domain, but Bravenet has discontinued its free service that included FTP uploading. This site is was then hosted by Free Website Hosting but that company has numerous problems. It got to the point this Oasis was more down than it was up. Brother Pete's Oasis of Hope is now hosted by Neocities and I greatly appreciate them doing it for free.

Have you been born twice?

Acknowledgment of prayer requests received by phone or Internet post:

The gentleman who called from England March 18, 2008 EDT asking prayer for salvation of a relative. You will be on my prayer list as requested.
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