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Get Ready To Leave This World!

Sooner or later we must all depart from this life and none of us know when that might happen. Are you ready to stand before your Creator, Who is the the final and supreme judge of all? Do not think that your good works will bring you favor with God (Titus 3:5). We are all sinners (Romans 3:10) and deserve only the wrath of the Father. BUT, Christ paid in full the penalty that we may be completely changed into the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21). You may enter into this blessing.


ADMIT IT! . . . We are all born as sinners. So we must admit we are sinners needing the help of God. (Romans 3:10).


BELIEVE! . . .- that Jesus Christ took all your sin, all your penalty upon Himself. In fact, He makes a loving trade with you. He wants to take all of your sin (and it does not matter what you have done), and he wants to give you His victorious life! Jesus can do this, being 100% God and 100% man. When we say BELIEVE, we mean not to believe with just your head - you must believe with your heart! This WILL show up in your actions in life.


COMPLETELY COMMIT! . . . your life to Him. Everything! Give to Him all your hangups, sins, problems, and fears. Commit your future to Him. Surrender fully to Him, making Christ your King, Lord, and Savior. See Romans 10:9&10.

Pray this prayer now, and mean it from your heart!

Father, forgive me for being a sinner. I am truly sorry for my sins. I forsake my old life and I fully surrender to Jesus Christ. I ask Jesus Christ to come into my heart and I make Him my King. I will obey your written Word and Your Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus for coming into my heart. I love you. Amen.

If you have truly surrendered to Christ as your Savior, you are now a Child of God and ready to leave this world! But, keep growing!

Here's How . . .

  • Worship everyday. Tell Jesus you love Him.
  • Read your Bible. Enjoy it!
  • Pray everyday, confessing any sins, asking God for help, pray for others.
  • Attend church everytime the doors are open and PARTICIPATE!
  • Be baptized in water ASAP!
  • Tell others about Jesus & what he did for you!
  • Serve the Lord in some way.

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