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Basic Information

EducationGrade School
High School
Bible Institute
Other Training
(Medical and
Basic Fire)


Employment Board of Education

Additional Experience

Turning Point

precredentialed history
credential history
pre-pastoring history
pastoral and evangelical history

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Known Ancestry
Possible Ancestry
Macinta (Maciuta)

Some Medical Skills
I Acquired As A Maryland CRT

  • EKG interpretation
  • EKG transmission
  • Administration Of Certain Medicines
    Includes PO, IM, IV, SQ, SL
  • Defibrillation
  • Patient Primary Examination
  • Patient Secondary Examination
  • Cardiac Management
  • Trauma Management

For more information on Sis. D's Amish Mennonite background see

Her Partial Autobiography

Visit Her web site (currently non-existant)

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Other Employment
Before 1985:

The list of secular job experience is as follows:

  • Gas station attendant for an Exxon station in Triadelphia, W. VA., which included changing tires
  • Fuel attendant / cashier, American Truck Stop, INC, Bentleyville and Eighty-Four PA.
  • Board of Education, Kearny, NJ - Summer grounds keeping work
  • Northeast Bible Institute, Green Lane, PA. - Washed dishes and cleaned kitchen floor.
  • Shop Rite, Kearny, NJ - produce clerk

What Is DX?

DX is an abbreviation for long distance radio reception. One learns how to receive radio signals from around the world on various frequency bands. As a young person I made this my hobby, creating antennae for optimum reception on various frequencies. My favorite antenna was the Windom which I would trim to tune in the 31m band. During those years the international short wave bands (SW) were buzzing with political propaganda. Radio Moscow was sure different back then! Today, radio Moscow has a much friendlier tone and even runs commercials!

It was also during that time that clandestine and spy transmissions were frequent on the SW bands.

I highly recommend this hobby for anyone. It tones up various skills and broadens one's knowledge of the world. With proper training, anyone can receive signals from around the world and be able to ascertain the origin of the transmissions.

This testimony is an abridged testimony! I intend to create a fuller one for offline use by our family.

Pete! Satan should be capitalized!

Not for me, friend. When I was a satanist, I refused to capitalize God. Now that I love God, it is my practice is not to capitalize names of the enemy.

How's Your Marriage?

Though my parents never divorced, they would bitterly fight and argue at times. Once, when my Dad was very sick, Mom did threaten him with divorce. Hearing that really hurt me. That may be one reason why I am very concerned about marriages. There is never such a thing as a "low cost divorce." Divorce crushes the hearts of many children and weakens the fabric of our society.

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On This Page:

Basic Information

EducationGrade School
High School
Bible Institute
Other Training
(Medical and
Basic Fire)


Employment Board of Education

Additional Experience

Turning Point

pre-credentialed history
credential history
pre-pastoring history
pastoral and evangelical history

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Known Ancestry
Possible Ancestry
Macinta (Maciuta)

There may be a few more personal pages about my NJ family.

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Welcome to all!  Some time ago, when I had a Geocities site, I had a page about myself jokingly titled "Who I Be." As I considered doing some private tutoring, I felt that I had to direct my students to a page that sounded just a little more educated. So, I wrote this one.

Also, as of October 2002, in regard to web authoring I decided that all future pages that I create would be coded in HTML 4. The page you are now viewing was the first page on my old Geocities site, "Bro. Pete's Oasis Of Hope", to use HTML 4 with CSS. By the Spring of 2003, friends converted my mind to advance to XHTML. Since that time, all NEW pages, except when I had to migrate my Geocities-Yahoo! site rapidly, are coded in XHTML. Old pages that were transferred to new hosts may have a curious mix of HTML 3, 4, and XHTML. Paragraphs revamped on this page are in XHTML. I now use HTML 5, but do not have the time to re-code this page

If your church, business, or organization needs a web servant, please consider me. My email addresses are:,

I trust that you will find the information presented here to be helpful. By the way, the pictures posted here are from years ago. The information needs to be updated.


  •Born in Jersey City, NJ of Peter (Sr.) and Mary Macinta
  •Raised as Roman Catholic
  •Family relocated to Kearny, NJ around 1956.
  •Turned satanist, but later became a pantheist
  •Accepted Christ as Savior on January 25, 1970
  •Married Dorcas Yoder on June 7, 1974

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ELEMENTARY: St. Stephen's School, Midland Avenue, Kearny, NJ. I was a member of the chess club.

HIGH SCHOOL: Kearny High School, Elm St., Kearny, NJ. For a brief period, I was a member of the chess club. I also became a junior member of Kiwanis.

Later, I assisted the biology instructor, Mr. Nasello, in the care of his biology laboratory. For this activity I received a commendation for my quality care of the lab and the creatures it contained: live roaches, rabbits, guinea pigs and more!

Did I say roaches!? Yes, I did! They were not the yucky brown ones many are familiar with, but were somewhat black and longer. If my memory serves me correctly, Mr. Nasello was using them for experiments with cigarette smoke.

Upon my graduation in 1970, I received the KHS "Service K Award."

BIBLE INSTITUTE: I attended Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) of Green Lane, PA. While studying for the ministry at NBI, I served for one year in the Evangelaire Concert Choir, was elected to the Student Judiciary Council and was a member of the North American Prayer Band. In 1974, I graduated from the four-year program.

At the time of my graduation, NBI had not been given authority by Pennsylvania to grant degrees. However, soon after my graduation, NBI was granted that authority. The school, at that time renamed "Northeast Bible College" (NBC), notified previous graduates of this change. To earn my Bachelor's Degree I gained three more credits by studying one more subject, Modern Theology. For my final term paper, I did a critical analysis of Bultmann's de-mythological principle of hermeneutics. I have a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Bible.

NBC relocated to Phoenixville, PA, where it was renamed Valley Forge Christian College.

OTHER TRAINING: Sometime during the mid 1980's I joined the Flintstone Volunteer Fire Company. I became an Emergency Medical Technician and later a Cardiac Rescue Technician (CRT). For more information on what a CRT was licensed to do, please see the side bar. I was also trained in Basic Fire and served the Company all aspects of emergency operations. I had been appointed as the Second Assistant Ambulance Captain. In 1989 I received an award for running the most EMS calls. I also served as the Chaplin of the Company.

To obtain my CRT license, which was one level below Paramedic, my initial studies included courses on advanced emergency care, emergency pharmacology, and arrhythmia interpretation.

To maintain my CRT license issued by the Maryland State Board Of Medical Examiners it was required that I take a certain amount of Continuing Education Credits each year. In addition to this MEIEMS required other courses such as Hazardous Materials. One of the last courses I took was to learn how to assist the paramedics on the Medevac helicopters.

In 1990, we moved to Cambridge, MD, to establish a Pentecostal church. The county we moved to, Dorchester County, did not have Advanced Life Support ambulance service, but I did join Dorchester EMS, volunteering on the ambulance in Cambridge.

By around 1993 or 1994, because of duties of starting a church while being secularly employed, I surrendered my CRT license and ceased being an EMS / Basic Fire volunteer. I continue to cherish the memory of my service with Flintstone Volunteer Fire Company. The comradeship and teamwork were exceptional.

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Facts About Dorcas - "Sis. D"

Beautiful Dorcas Macinta

  • Born and raised in Grantsville, MD in a fine Christian family of the Amish Mennonite flavor.
  • Accepted Christ as her personal Savior at a young age.
  • Well acquainted with farm work.
  • Attracted to Pentecost (speaking in tongues and the gifts of the Spirit)
  • Eventually joined the Assemblies of God
  • Felt led to go to Bible School - and God performed a miracle for her to get there.
  • Met some Bozo called Pete at Northeast Bible Institute, in Green Lane, Pa.
  • Married the Bozo called Pete
  • Faithful wife and mother of 3 boys
  • Greatly assists in the ministry aspects of church work
  • Raised Amish Mennonite and therefore was not allowed to learn how to play the piano -BUT God is helping her to learn and she occasionally plays for church.
  • Hard worker working in the HS cafeteria, Arby's in the summer, and heads up our Shaklee Business year round.

God has blessed us with three sons:
Moe, Larry, And Curly!

Just Joking Around Folks!

Tim, Sam, And Jon


Tim Macinta
  • Graduated Cambridge South Dorchester HS as co-valedictorian, GPA 4.0/4.0 with academic honors and mathematic honors. Maryland Distinguished Scholar. National Merit Scholar.
  • Graduated in June 1997 from MIT with a BS degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering with a minor in Economics.
  • Programmer of "Cosmic Encounter", Author of "A Web Developer's Guide To Search Engines" and some technical books on Java, and many other accomplishments.
  • Has helped to uncover multiple serious security holes in Microsoft's Internet Explorer


Sam, Garret, Liandra, and Lydia
Sam, Garret, Liandra, and Lydia

  • Came to know Christ as his personal Savior when he was a child
  • Also a graduate of CSDHS
  • Married Lydia Miller in January 1999
  • Artist
  • Board member of the local Wesleyan Church
  • Currently works at Chick-fil-A, which, by the way is a mighty good place to eat and mighty clean too! We appreciate the fact that this company throughout the USA always has Sundays off for all! Way to go!
  • Currently have two children, Liandra and Garret


Uncle Jon and Liandra

Uncle Jon holding Liandra

  • Accepted Christ as his Savior as a child.
  • Also a graduate of CSDHS
  • Graduate of Broadcast Institute Of Maryland (BIM)
  • Announcer for WAAI, Cambridge, MD (MTS Broadcasting)
  • Shift Manager, Arby's, Cambridge, MD
  • Email:

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The ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is my only calling. However, since remuneration from the Gospel Ministry (1 Cor. 9:14) is often meager at best, I have had need to secure secular employment at times. Hence, the Lord has blessed me with varied experiences in secular employment.

B. P. Todd and Son, INC., Cambridge, MD. 1994 to December 2002

I was the plant supervisor of a crabmeat processing plant. Duties included, but were not limited to, weighing and packing crabmeat, enforcing State and Federal regulations, sanitation and some record keeping.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Easton, MD. 1990 to 1994

I began as a Biscuit / Prep Cook and soon elevated to Chicken Cook, Cashier and finally Supervisor. I was the first to receive "The Employee Of The Month Award."


Served as a substitute teacher for grades K through 12 throughout Allegany County. This included some assignments to classes for youth in a State Mental Health facility.


I was self-employed in this capacity from 1985 to 1990. Levels of instruction were first grade through twelfth. I worked closely with both parents and teachers. I developed a system of teaching the soft vowel sounds to students.


From approximately 1985 to 1990 I was employed part-time at a Christian radio station both for on air announcing and production work.


I worked as an orderly at Goodwill Mennonite Home from 1976 to 1979 where I had the care of six to ten men. This was before Goodwill added an elevator to the second floor. Part of my duties was to help bring some female residents in wheelchairs up and down for activities! I have to wonder how many of the current employees knew this had to be done years ago.

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Additional Experience And Skills

 HTML 4.0

I have been creating web pages since 1997, my first site being the one here at Geocities. In October 2002 I decided that all future pages that I create would be in HTML 4. This particular page is a renovation of an old one for reasons already given. If you compare this page with the older pages, you can see there has been tremendous improvement.

The navigation bar to the left will list the sites that I maintain. This list includes sites for other people. Remember that some of these pages are from when I first began creating web pages.


During my childhood, I had four years of piano lessons during which time I received awards for memorization and presentation. Currently I play for our church congregation. I also compose music.

Inspired by a painting of Jesus with children in which a young girl asks, "What happened to your hand?", I wrote a song entitled, "Jesus, What Happened To Your Hand?" This song was sold to a publisher who, as far as I know, did not do much with it. According to the contract, the rights to the song reverted to me three years later. I plan to sell the song again.

In all, I have composed over twelve songs and currently have plans for two parodies.

  P L U S . . .

Basic (not fluent in) Spanish
Care of hyperactive people
Care of mentally impaired people
Basic Electronics
Basic Electrical Wiring
DX (see navigation bar)

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Turning Point!

Would God Save A Satanist?
A God Hater?
A Failure?

Born and raised Roman Catholic, I learned many good things about God, but the Roman Catholic system of salvation by works, their making tradition equal to the Word of God, and my own sin nature kept me from knowing God in a personal way. Disillusioned with religion, I went the other way and became a satanist. I never did join an outside group, but worshiped satan privately, attempting to become a "good warlock" (there's no such thing, you know, as a good warlock). Upon receiving a good scare one evening while trying to "soul walk" (an out of body experience), I attempted to go the other way, eventually becoming a pantheist.

HOWEVER, in the meantime, I did many wrong things and got into trouble with the law. One thing I had done wrong and that was very embarrassing to my family and myself really destroyed my self-esteem and mental health. I was so embarrassed by what I had done that I would not eat with my family, but parked myself in front of the TV set at supper time for many months. My grades became worse at school and I almost failed one grade.

During this time, my parents had given me a short wave radio and I began to have short wave listening as hobby. At one point, Trans World Radio of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles had sent me verification that I had heard them, along with a religious tract entitled Religion Is A Drag. I readily agreed with that title so I read the tract. It pointed out that religion cannot save you, and, at times, could even damn you, and made a very great distinction between religion and Jesus Christ. It pointed out that only Jesus is the way. I agreed with this to some degree, but did not accept Christ at that point.

In high school, my childhood dream of becoming a research chemist crumbled to ashes when I could not comprehend any of my science classes, including chemistry! I thought I knew it all, but giving my life to satan made a fool out of me and I knew it. Again, the Gospel was presented to me before I got saved. Leaving school one day some "religious fanatics" were giving out tracts to students. I received one entitled Chicken. I read it and noticed that it concluded with a prayer to accept Jesus Christ as one's Savior. Didn't do it, but kept the tract.

SENIOR YEAR ROLLED AROUND- and I realized I was a failure. I applied to three colleges and they told me to take a hike! During this time I would listen to Billy Graham for some odd reason. I still hated God and religion, and when the theme song How Great Thou Art came on, I would shake my fist at heaven and say "How great Thou aren't!" Yet, God was very merciful. In my Junior year, He sent an underclassman to witness to me. We'd walk home from school together, talking philosophy many times, and this young man, Bob Wittik, would work the conversation over to God and Jesus now and then. One day, while crossing Midland Avenue in Kearny, NJ, Bob said something to me and I replied, "You mean I am going to hell?" Bob said, "I'm afraid so Pete." I thought to myself "I'll never walk home from school again with this guy." - but I did, because Bob had something, . . . really Someone, I really needed, and that Someone was Jesus.

Getting back to Billy Graham, he started preaching a few sermons from Revelation. These sermons made me curious. I knew the world was going to end. So, for the first time in my life, I read the Bible, - I read Revelation - FOUR TIMES - and it scared me!

THINGS CAME TO A HEAD December 1969 when I had girlfriend troubles. Realizing I would not go to college, and getting in trouble (not what you're thinking though) with a girl brought me to the brink of suicide. One night I took my dad's car planning to kill myself with it, but while trying, I chickened out.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 25, 1970- depressed and worn out, I turned the radio on and listened to Billy Graham at 10pm. During this message, Rev. Graham pointed out that the world was going to come to an end. I agreed. He stated that somebody would have to be the judge of the living and the dead, to straighten things out. That was reasonable to me. He then pointed out that only Jesus could be that righteous judge because . . .

  • He was 100% God
  • 100% Man
  • Tempted in all points just like were are, yet without sin.
This made very good sense to me. He then stated that we could have our sins forgiven, erased forever, enabling us to stand before God's throne guiltless, if we confess our sins to God and ask Christ into our hearts. He asked us to pray the sinner's prayer, but I did not do it at that moment. Instead, I took the Chicken tract I had received, read it, and noticed that the prayer in back was the same as the one on the radio. So, laying aside my doubts, I went back to my room, knelt down at my bed and prayed this prayer . . .

Father, forgive me for being a sinner. I ask you to cleanse my heart, and I ask Jesus to come into my heart and make me a new creature. Father, help me to live for you. I love you God. In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I REALLY FELT CLEAN ON THE INSIDE! All the filthy things I had done, all my sins, guilt, fear of death, low self-esteem, and more was wipe out! I eventually wound up going to the Assembly Of God Church in Kearny, NJ. Around February, while talking to God in my room, I was feeling good. I said to God, "Father, I'm a senior in HS about to graduate with nowhere to go, but I don't care. I have You!" I felt God say, "I am calling you to the full-time Gospel ministry." I replied, "I accept." I then felt God say, "I commission you."

TO MAKE SURE, I kept my mouth shut about this, thought about it for awhile, then "secretly" applied for entrance at one Bible school, Northeast Bible Institute, Green Lane, PA. I then told the church. Bob Wittik said he knew I had the call to the ministry. I was accepted at NBI and went off to school for training in August of 1970.Mom and Dad

ICING ON MY CAKE!- As a young Christian, I was concerned about the eternal salvation of my parents. Mom was Roman Catholic and Dad was Russian Orthodox. After I told them that I had accepted Christ into my heart, Mom and Dad watched me. After I was saved, Bob Wittik and I were involved in a car accident. During that summer an older lady and I were mugged in Newark, NJ while witnessing. Mom protested my returning to Newark to witness, but I felt that I had to. Our Pastor, J. L. Bricker, worked out a compromise. Anyhow, I eventually went off to Bible school. When I returned home for Christmas vacation, Kearny A/G had a Christmas program. I was asked to help with the lights from the balcony. When Sister Bricker gave the altar call that night, the altar was packed, but Mom and Dad stayed in their pews. The Holy Spirit told me to go down and encourage them to come forward to accept Christ. I did, and we knelt in the isle. Before we prayed the sinner's prayer, I told my parents they had to mean it. They prayed and meant it. I type this with tears of joy and gratitude to JESUS.

THEY WERE CHANGED TOO! The cursing and arguing stopped. Before they were saved, they had slept in separate beds. When I came home from Bible School that summer, I looked into my parent's bedroom, and things were re-arranged. The two single beds were placed together!

Jesus did it!
He wants to do it for you!
And He WILL do it for you, if you let Him.

IT DOES NOT MATTER IF . . . you have a very filthy mind, committed murder, adultery, fornication, done drugs, had an abortion, . . . it does not matter, . . . HE WILL FORGIVE YOU IF YOU TRUST HIM NOW, AND HIM ALONE. Do not trust religion. Trust Jesus. Pray the prayer above, and mean it. Then, go to Are you ready? scrolling down to where I have some steps in the right direction for new Christians. Please Email me at, about your decision to accept Jesus as your Savior.

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Make no mistake about it; every true born again Christian is called to minister. Every ministry has powerful value in the kingdom of God.

Some are called to the position of pastor, evangelist and so on. As noted above, about a month after I was saved I sensed God calling me to the Gospel ministry. For those that may not know, credentials really are not a Scriptural requirement for ministry. However, in today's world they are many times a needed tool and a wise safeguard for many reasons. The following is a partial summary of my ministerial activities and mind-set since the time I felt God's call on my life to the ministry.

1990 to the present - Established Cornerstone Assembly in Cambridge, MD. In August 2003 I resigned my credentials with the Assemblies of God due in part to a by law change, and have declared the church an independent Pentecostal work. If I have time, I will present my rationale behind that decision at a later date. Look here for that link. Evangelistic ministry continues with home Bible Studies, street ministry and other speaking engagements. I am a member of the board of directors for Show God's Love. I am a member of the Dorchester County Maryland Association of Evangelical Pastors (AEP). While with the Assemblies of God, I served as Foreign Missions Representative for some years.

1981 to 1990-Pastor of Flintstone Assembly of God, Flintstone, MD. I believe that I was the pastor who stayed the longest at this particular church. Part of our evangelistic outreach at this time was Kids Crusades.

approx. 1980 to 1981- Assigned by the Potomac District Council of the Assemblies of God to a special situation in Triadelphia, W.VA.

approx. 1979 to 1980- Pastored Eagle Mills Assembly of God, Hamptonville, NC. Served as Foreign Missions Representative for the section.

approx. 1976 to 1979- Fill in work for both Assemblies of God and the local United Methodist system. Kids Crusades. Home Mission surveys. Served as Sectional Youth Leader for the Northcentral Section of the Potomac District. Back then it was still "cool" to sing the Christ Ambassador's Chorus. Served as a counselor at the District Youth Camp. Sunday School teacher at Maranatha A/G, Grantsville, MD.

1974 to 1976-Assistant Pastor (unpaid financially) at Bentleyville Tabernacle of the A/G in Bentleyville, PA. Pastor Cecil Price was the Senior Pastor at that time.

Prior To 1974:

I include the following to encourage all to do anything they can to further the kingdom of God. From the time we are saved we are called to minister. I also have included this because of the fond memories it brings to me of those early years in Christ. The above was presented from the present and reverting back in time. The following is from the early days of my accepting Christ as my Savior and going forward towards 1974.

The Christian years prior to my graduation from Northeast Bible Institute included ministry to various parts of the Northeast and to various groups. It was always a pleasure to minister at the Warner's in Brooklyn, NY for Jewish missions. Part of our training also included teaching ministry to the mentally handicapped.

Ministry began through Kearny AOG in street witnessing, youth group work, street outreach in Newark and many other avenues. Pastor Jerry Bricker permitted me to preach my first public sermon at Goodwill Missions in Newark, NJ.

One of the first things I remember doing was that in March 1970 I assisted Kearny AOG at the Orchard Street Missions in Newark. All I did was hold up a sign for the children to sing from: but it was great, because I was doing something for the One Who died, rose, and lives for me!

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