Peter P. Macinta, Jr.

Letter Informing The Assemblies of God That I Have Resigned My Credentials With Them

The following is placed on my web site to explain to the public my rationale, in part, for resigning my credentials with the AOG. Before sending any email to debate with me on this point, please first read the information I have in the first link provided in the body of the letter.

Peter P. Macinta, Jr.
----------, MD 21613
August 29, 2003

The Potomac District Council of the Assemblies of God
P. O. Box 690
Gainesville, VA. 20156-0690

Rev. Bob Blevins, Presbyter
915 Acorn Cr.
Pocomoke City, MD. 21851-9592

Re: Credential Resignation with the AOG and Disaffiliation of Cornerstone from the AOG

Greetings Brethren:

It is with sadness that I write the following. Throughout the years I have let it be made known that if the General Council ever approved to credential those who were divorced and remarried prior to conversion, it would be a signal for me to consider resigning my credentials with the AOG. However, I also had stated that, depending upon the circumstances, I would wait two years to see if there would be a reversal of such a policy. There has not, so, without animosity, I resign my credentials with the AOG effective 11:59pm Sunday, August 31, 2003 and also declare Cornerstone Assembly of Cambridge MD an independent Pentecostal work.

Please understand that I am not resigning my credentials because of GC 49 Resolution 15. I resign my credentials because I have seen a dangerous trend within the fellowship in four areas: 1 the gradual interpretation of the Word of God on the basis of experience, 2. improper hermeneutics, 3. duplicity in application of Biblical principles and, 4. general gradual comprise in various areas. Some of these points I have brought up at ma26.html.

I have not resigned as pastor of Cornerstone Assembly but have removed the church from any affiliation with the AOG. You can verify that in part by visiting the church website at I cannot, and will not, with all respect to you, my brothers, bring my young church into an organization that has displayed the above danger signals. However, we will continue to support the AOG missionaries and ministries that we have been supporting, as directed by God.

District-wise I fully understand and accept the fact that I have now lost my group life insurance, but I have, or will have, taken steps to secure life insurance elsewhere.

Again I have no hatred, only sorrow. The sorrow has been great at times in that I had even wept over this situation at my secular job during 2001. For awhile, I could not get it out of my mind.


Peter P. Macinta, Jr.
Pastor, Cornerstone Assembly

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