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Greetings to all!

I am currently looking for a simple form to place on this page so people without an e-mail address can contact me. For example, someone may be using a library computer, have no Internet connection of their own, but still would like to contact me.

Those that do contact me by email, you should do so with a GOOD purpose in mind. Please do not think that I will open email with attachments. Nor do I respond to email that says pass this on, send this to 5 friends, don't break this chain, and so on. Nor do I respond to Jesus challenges - if you love Jesus, send this to 3 friends. Nor do I respond to porn. Every bit of this stuff gets deleted.

If somehow you get my phone number, keep in mind I do no business over the phone. Also, if your number comes on my caller ID as "UNAVAILABLE", then I am also unavailable.

Currently, you may contact me at two email addresses, and please do use both at the same time. Sometimes Yahoo! becomes a hacker target, then none of us can get in.

You may contact me at...,

When this form to be posted is used for prayer requests, I will try to post an acknowledgment here that I received your request, but I will not mention your name or need if you give it. I will respect your privacy and not post a thing that would say who contacted me or why.

If you do not want me to acknowledge your contact, then let me know in your message.

I am not sure if the form below is working. If you use it and do not see a reply below within a week of your post that might indicate your message did not get through because the form failed.


...and prayed for, and continue to pray for...

12/16/03 - - -Sent from old Geocities site, about forgiveness

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